Now any device can be controlled by the “power of thought”

Camera eyes, microphone ears, mechanical arms and legs, transfer of thoughts from the brain to the computer — all this has long been a reality that has emerged before our eyes over the past two decades. Technologies such as neural interfaces (brain-computer interfaces) are still not perfect, but many companies are upgrading their designs and aim to bring the product to the end user. Basis Neuro is among them.

Basis Neuro is the next step in the development of neural technologies. By creating independent platform-based products, any company can solve existing consumer problems in any industry in more efficient, convenient, and faster ways. The Basis Neuro team is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive neural technologies and neural interfaces. A decade of experimental and theoretical work has resulted in dozens of publications, numerous software patents and, most importantly, working prototypes of devices on neural management, as well as a ready-made platform for service companies and developers.

Participants of the platform will be able to remotely purchase the necessary neural equipment, obtain software control, access the algorithms for reading brain signals and an ever-expanding database of decoded patterns. Basis Neuro undertakes all the complex technological tasks, and the participants of the platform are left with the familiar development of business, products, and services, but on the basis of the new opportunities of today.

The neural interface “Basis Neuro” includes three categories:

· Control technologies — Convert mental commands to digital signals to control devices;

· Tracking technologies — Track user reactions to various events or information;

· Stimulation technologies — Safely stimulate and “tone up” tired areas of the brain.

The neural interface “Basis Neuro” can do all of this and is ready for integration into various devices. This product is compatible with all standard protocols and can be connected to any device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The commands generated by the neural interface are fully compatible with the commands of existing devices.

For example, creators of smart headphones can introduce such a technology into their devices, thereby expanding the limits of their device capabilities and allowing it to read and respond to people’s desires in real time.

Helmets for virtual reality can be developed on the basis of such a platform, and allow complete immersion in the game and the ability for mental control functionalities.

The entertainment sector is just the beginning for this platform application!

For business, such technologies are an excellent opportunity to track people with dangerous professions: cash-in-transit guards, pilots, drivers, call center employees, etc.

Neural interfaces can also be used in educational institutions for more efficient learning by brain neural stimulation.

In medicine, such technologies will become extraordinary: producing equipment for people with disabilities, managing artificial implants, treating neurological diseases and many more applications that can be found for a neural interface.

As such, any enterprise can now use the ready-made platform solution of the “Basis Neuro” neural technologies for integration into daily human life.