What is neurotechnology?

What is neurotechnology? How soon will they become a part of our lives? And what do they really need? In the 21st century, people are increasingly asking themselves these questions.

Neurotechnologies are a set of technologies created on the basis of the principles of the nervous system. The principle is based on the principle of representing the brain in the form of neural networks, that is, a set of interconnected neurons. What is this direction useful for a person?

Neurotechnologies can be used in any field. Such technologies allow solving the following problems:

The development of brain-fitness — exercises for the brain, the creation of games using neuro-games, including neuron-developing games.

Creation of virtual and augmented reality in teaching, development of educational programs and devices, creation of devices for memory strengthening and analysis of the use of brain resources.

prediction of behavior based on neuro- and biometric data.

Modernization of gene and cell therapy, early personalized diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases (senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.), as well as improving mental abilities in healthy people.

Prosthetics of organs, including artificial sensory organs, improvement of means for rehabilitation.

However, most solutions in the field of neurotechnology are still under development, and only a few companies are able to offer a ready-made neural interface (a mobile headset for reading brain signals from the scalp) for integration into existing devices, not to mention the functionality of such interfaces very far from the expectations of consumers. Everything changed with the appearance of Basis Neuro.

Over the past 10 years, the project team Basis neuro has been working on the creation of custom solutions.


For all this time the company basis neuro has come a long way. Since the late 60s, the project engineers have been working on the development of medical equipment in the field of neurocybernetics. Only in 2008, they formed a team of developers of the neural interface. From this moment on, studies and experiments began, the main purpose of which was the recognition of thought commands.

A large number of people were removed from the EEG, after which all these data were processed. for 7 years out of nothing managed to get a unique neural network in its kind, as well as its own algorithm for learning neural networks. After the neural interface was tested, the team set itself the task of linking it to external devices, as well as minimizing the size of the biopotentials. For three years the team has successfully coped with this problem and already today Basis neuro has a ready working prototype.

Due to the lack of investment, each member of the team had to sacrifice much to bring the development to the final product. The basis neuro platform is not just a product for profit, it’s 10 years of life for each member of the project team.

And now the team of highly qualified specialists in the field of neurotechnology provides any business with a ready-made solution (Neuro ToolKit), which includes the technology (ready-made headset of the neural interface), unique algorithms for deciphering mental commands, the base of deciphered brain signals and patterns, access to experts of this industry, and scientific support.
In connection with the need to invest in this project, the Basis Neuro team decided to launch the ICO campaign. The collected funds will be used to develop the platform, as well as to launch mass production of its own neurointerface.

Basis Neuro is a ready-made working prototype that you can experience today.
… to be continued
More: www.ico.basisneuro.com