Neurotechnology in the our world

On the threshold of the new millennium, modern society began to think more about meeting its higher needs — developing intellectual abilities, self-improvement, increasing efficiency and, finally, improving the quality of life. In this connection, the need arose to study the brain, the nervous system of man and the functioning of the organism as a whole. One of the areas of science dealing with such problems is neurotechnology.

One of the most important tasks of neurotechnologies is the creation of a new generation of supercomputers and human-machine interfaces for the direct exchange of information between the brain and technical devices. These developments already lead today to the rapid development of robotics, in particular, to the use of such interfaces in rehabilitation medicine. A significant achievement of this industry was the creation of algorithms for obtaining and deciphering signals from the brain.

There are various methods for measuring brain activity, but most of them are based on the implantation of sensors into the cerebral cortex (invasive). As the industry developed, companies appeared ready to offer non-invasive solutions (with the location of sensors for reading on the surface of the head). To do this, just put a mobile headset on your head — NEUROINTERFEES. One such company is BasisNeuro.

Basis Neuro is an open service-technology platform. It provides any business with a ready-made solution (Neuro ToolKit), which includes the technology (the ready-made headset of the neurointerface), unique algorithms for deciphering mental commands, the base of deciphered brain signals and patterns, access to experts of this industry, with the availability of technical and scientific support. This is the only company on the market that can offer a ready-made “box-based neural interface solution” for self-production of products using intelligent control technologies.

Ten years of experimental and theoretical work of the Basis Neuro project team resulted in dozens of publications, numerous software patents and, most importantly, working prototypes of devices on neuro management. The project is preparing to launch the ICO, in order to obtain the necessary investments to start production. Basis Neuro — a new stage in the development of neurotechnologies.