CryptoCountries review


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Meet a new blockchain game - CryptoCountries.

The name of the project gives a hint - the game probably has some connection with countries. And indeed it has. CryptoCountries allows anyone to buy their own state and own it.

The world in CryptoCountries is exactly the same as on a real planet Earth. This means that anyone can buy US for himself. Or China. Or Russia.

Obviously, with this approach, the project faces the scaling problem. There are slightly more than 200, which, of course, is less than the audience developers seek. This problem will be solved by "cities'. It is assumed that large settlements will receive significant autonomy from the states in which they are located and will be sold separately.

This solves two questions at once. First of all, many users can play CryptoCountries - there are thousands, of citites - dozens in each country. Second, users who do not want to spend a lot of money and buy a whole country will get access to the game. A small city will be enough for them.

And here CryptoCountries pluses end. If you think that there is something like wars here, and users can seize other countries and build their empires - you're wrong.

Of course, you can get control of other states in CryptoCountries. But it does not happen in the course of wars. You can just buy another country. And if a player is able to offer a double price for the country, then its current owner simply has no chance to protect the state. It will become the property of a new user.

On the one hand, it is very bad - legalized racket never led to anything good. On the other hand, and you can find some advantages in it.

If you consider that nothing can be done with the countries (they can only be owned), it turns out that the game is not interesting at all However, the project can be an excellent solution for those who want to have their own state at all costs, no matter how stupid it may be. They will gladly give for virtual England, Germany or China a ton of money.

And this can be exploited. It is enough to buy a famous country first and wait until someone wants to buy it out. Then it remains only to sell the state and withdraw money. Profit.

Let's sum up this mess a bit. CryptoCountries - another pointless game, in which there is absolutely no gameplay. But you can try to earn some money on it, and this is the only benefit of the project.


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CryptoCountries - another Ponzi scheme. While countries will be cheap, they will be bought. Butthe increase in cost is at the base of the project. Sooner or later the flow of new users will run out, and users will no longer be able to resell their states. As a result, the creators and those who managed to buy the country in the beginning are good, everyone else - suck.


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I would like to one day look at the person who will buy the country in CryptoCountries. Clearly, the maximum that it will be possible to do with it is to make the stupidest purchase in life. Although, I think the hype around the word blockchain has not died yet, and there are those who pay attention to CryptoCountries precisely because of this.


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Despite the fact that there are no wars and no matter how much interesting plot and gameplay, in CryptoCountries you can somehow pump the countries. At least, I found a sign that shows the increase in the value of states:

Although, I still did not understand what to do to make the country more expensive.


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CryptoCountries site has a good design, but it is very slow! I think the developers should optimize it to attract new users.