CryptoFaces review


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A new blockchain game was released in April 2018. This project is called CryptoFaces.

The point of CryptoFaces is to create a character that would be better than others. And since the characters in CryptoFaces are pictures of various famous personalities, it's quite logical name for such a game.

Each CryptoFaces character has three stats:
  • wealth;
  • health;
  • fame.

When a character is born (this happens after breeding the other two characters), then he already has the initial points in these stats. They can be improved throughout their life. The minimum value of each parameter is 1, the maximum value is 100.

Both ordinary people and well-known persons are taken as samples for characters on CryptoFaces. On CryptoFaces marketplace we see characters with common names. However, on the main page of the game there are cards of Donald Trump, Madonna, Barack Obama, Beyonce, Kim Jong Un and other famous personalities.

Ordinary people and media characters are priced differently, too. For example, a picture of Presley (woman, wealth - 19, health - 18, fame - 17), costs 0.02 ETH. But for Olga Buzova (wealth - 53, health - 79, fame - 40), you will have to pay 11.454 ETH.

However, you can get a new character not only by buying him\her. If the player already has two or more pictures, then you can breed them and get the children. The CryptoFaces main page describes how stats of a new character are defined:

From this we can conclude that the health, wealth and glory of a new character are randomized. Apparently, his characteristics lie within the limits determined by his parents. For example, in the screenshot, the "health" of the mother is 40, and the father's is 90. This means that the child can get any value between 40 and 90.

The skills of each character can be improved, too. Business gives an advantage in wealth, medical institutions help to improve health, and media develop fame. Businesses, clinics and mass media can be purchased in MarketPlace in exactly the same way as characters:

The most expensive institutions in CryptoFaces cost 1 ETH and give a specific skill increase of up to 10 units per day. You can also buy a business, medical facility or mass media for 0.01 ETH and get a performance gain of 1 point per day.
Perhaps the design and gameplay is more interesting than in other collectible games on the blockchain ... But answer me, why should a person need a picture of Putin or Lady Gaga for several thousand dollars? Nothing will be changed by the fact that their character will be the best - no premiums are paid for this by CryptoFaces.


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As for the visuals - let's say that i've seen worse projects than CryptoFaces. However, in comparison with UnicornGo this game lags behind. The faces of famous politicians, stars and businessmen, I think, could be drawn in more detail. And some pictures do not look like real people at all.


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CryptoFaces is another crappy project. I think the developers, having created it literally in a week or two, decided to quickly get a few thousand dollars on the hype blockchain-games and ride into the sunset with all the money. Of course, this is not UnicornGo with a full-fledged combat system and great opportunities for improving characters.


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Probably, someone will even want to buy himself "Donald Trump" for shits and giggles, but this project cannot count on long-term prospects. It will last until the end of 2018 max. Then users will understand that there is nothing interesting here, and they will go to other sites.


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If the businesses, clinics and mass media increase a skill by 10 points in one day, then you can develop the character from 0 to 100 in just 10 days? It's not only fast, but also very uninteresting - after all, the user does not get the opportunity to actually play and win, but simply spends ETH and watches as his pictures become "cooler".