ETHBabes review


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DELETE is quite an appropriate name for this game: the game offers you to buy pictures of women in lingerie.

ETHBabes - another project from the same developer, that created CryptoPussies. In fact, ETHBabes and CryptoPussies are exactly the same games. The only difference is that in CryptoPussies, women are represented in pictures without underwear, and in ETHBabes - with it. Thus, we can say that ETHBabes is a censored version of CryptoPussies.

The gameplay begins with the purchase of a woman. You can buy them on the Marketplace, which is available on the main page of the site. To purchase, you have to install the MetaMask extension.

The most expensive characters are those that were released at the start of the project. The younger the girl, the cheaper her picture is. The price diversity in ETHBabes is huge: you can buy a woman for anything from 0.01 ETH to 100 ETH.

What to do after that the developers do not tell. Perhaps in the future there will be a breeding system implemented. However, for this, first, you have to create pictures of men (well, there is no other way) And develop a separate interface where this could be done.

In the meantime, the ETHBabes project seems to be another platform that offers the user to buy some crap for ethers. At the same time, ETHBabes developers are balder than the creators of other projects: to ask 60 thousand (!) dollars for the picture of a half-naked girl - you do need balls to do that.

And girls are not that good ... Now 193 girls are put up for sale on ETHBabes marketplace. They, of course, are not identical to each other, but it is clear that all are painted in the same style and differ only slightly from each other:

It's interesting, but a girl who has almost no tits is worth 3 ETH, and a character with at least D size is three times cheaper. It's hard to understand developers.

If someone hopes that he will be able to sell pictures for more than he paid for them - he can participate in the ETHBabes project. But, it seems, it is already obvious to everyone that there is no value to such games, and their developers only want to quickly get a few thousand dollars and do something else.


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I think that the developers of ETHBabes did not know how to attract users why they came up with the brilliant idea to exploit sex. But I do not think that an audience that knows about blockchain games and decentralized networks will really be interested in sex. A small fraction of them at best.


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The graphics in ETHBabes are really not the one that a potential buyer would like to see. It was necessary to make girls more realistic. And they seem to be taken from hentai comics, whose audience is unlikely to buy pictures for 10-20 ETH or more.


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When will this flood of crappy blockchain games without an idea and gameplay end? Look at UnicornGo - there you at the same time have a beautiful design, and battles between players, and the opportunity to win prizes, and upgrade system! And what is interesting in ETHBabes? Buy a picture and look at it? Well, there are millions of such pictures on the Internet.