CryptoHunt review


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In CryptoHunt users are invited to take part in cryptotreasure hunting. This is one of the first blockchain-based quests so the project attracted a lot of attention.

The CryptoHunt gameplay must be radically different from other blockchain games. It is planned to implement the whole storyline. At the beginning of the game, the user meets Professor Crypto, who helps him on all stages of the game and gives clues about how to do this or that action.

The point of the game is to use the hints that Professor Crypto gives, and to find various valuable items. For example, to gain access to the first clue, the player must tell who patented in 1876 an invention that allows information to be transferred from one person to another at a distance, and how it was called. After giving the answer "phone", the player is transferred to the game space and begins to search for the chest with a phone. Once he discovers it, he will be able to move to the next level.

The CryptoHunt project is not just a gaming project - it's also an educational one. The authors of the project wanted users to learn more about the world around them and to learn how to use various hints correctly. If they do not, they can not succeed in the game - the world of CryptoHunt is too big to explore it on its own, without the help of Professor Crypto. And he gives hints only for correct answers.

In CryptoHunt there are obstacles and monsters who want to ambush players and take away the earned. To protect yourself from them, you have to use Professor Crypto's hints.

The creators of Crypto Hunt plan to go further and do not limit themselves by launching their own game. The CryptoHunt token will not only be an in-game currency - it is planned to make it a mean of payment like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It should be possible to cash out CryptoHunt tokens 99% of the world's crypto-ATMs, and tokens will be available for exchange trading also.

To complete such an ambitious project like CryptoHunt you need a lot of money. Developers, realizing this, decided to hold an ICO. Crowdsale started on April 15 and will last until June 15. CryptoHunt ICO softcap is 10 million dollars. hardcap is $15 million.

At the moment CryptoHunt looks ambitious and interesting, but not completely clear. Let's see if the developers will be able to meet the expectations of the blockchain community and present a truly unique product.


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I did not see the blockchain quests before (although, maybe, I missed something). It will be interesting to take a look at CryptoHunt when the game will be launched. But I think that by the launch time the audience will already run to other games and will not be ready to use something new.


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Ambitions of CryptoHunt creators are huge (they do not only want to create a game, but also want to promote their cryptocurrency)! But in fact in 7 days after the start of the ICO we see only the dead website ... Is it worth it to trust such a project? I don't think so.
For now, I do not understand how to play CryptoHunt. Professor Crypto, huge game locations, it's all good, but what about real gameplay? Maybe something will change when the project starts and I will finally play it.


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If someone else wants to invest their money in Crypto Hunt, think about it again before it's too late! No one needs 10 million dollars for one blockchain game. Developers simply want to get some money, collecting them from poor buggers who still believe in the magic of the word "blockchain" and don't know what it is.