CryptoBots review


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The next blockchain gaming project was launched in early 2018. The developers named it CryptoBots.

Strictly speaking, the name is the only original thing in the project. Despite the fact that the game is called CryptoBots, and the characters here are robots, the rest of the project is complete rip-off of CryptoKitties.

You can buy a robot at the auction. The very first users managed to buy Gen 0 game characters - they were cheap and have good characteristics. Now it's hard to buy such a robot, at auction there are Gen 1, Gen 2 and later generations characters. They are inferior to their "parents" in stats and are more expensive: the average price of one robot on CryptoBots is 0.03-0.05 ETH.

When a user buys a bot, he can start upgrading it. It is necessary to win the tournament. Bot upgrades when it fights other bots and defeats them. You can fight several bots simultaneously in a "challenge", the winner of the "challenge" gets a new game character with improved stats.

CryptoBots provides "recycling" - replacing old bots with new ones. The player can use "recycling" himself when he realizes that his bot stopped winning. If the participant decides to use "recycling" then he loses one old character and receives a new character in return. It's stats are determined at random - they can be either better or worse than that of the old bot.

The height of CryptoBots gameplay is tournament system. This is a long series of battles between bots. All CryptoBots players can take part in the tournament, and the event itself can take a few days or even weeks. To win the tournament, the bot must consistently defeat all its competitors. For a defeat 1 point is withdrawn, for a victory 3 points are added. The goal of the user is to stay in the tournament for as long as possible, and then he can count on the prize.

In the last CryptoBots tournament, the winner received a reward of 5 ETH. This is quite a lot, considering that at auctions the cost of characters starts from 0.02-0.03 ETH.

CryptoBots is definitely not the worst blockchain game. But the project is not any better than CryptoKitties. It has basically the same idea, which is already exploited by dozens of games. And practice shows that those who do not have any unique characteristics, sooner or later quite the competition and lose participants. And the only difference that the CryptoBots project can offer its users is the opportunity to win money in the tournament.


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Not the worst game, but I've seen much cooler projects. Developers should have created and implemented something interesting to attract some of the blockchain community. There a lot of games and it's not enough to have cool concept and design to attract players - you need to have something unique and memorable.


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They say that it's possible to win ETH here! But after all, bonuses are given only for tournaments that are held rarely. And in order to get money, you need to beat a bunch of bots. I think it's almost impossible, and it's not worth it to spend time upgrading a bot to participate in the tournament.


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The project has a very well writtenWhite Paper project - the design is even more interesting than that of many other blockchain platforms (not gaming ones). But the document has only 4 pages, where the concept and features of CryptoBots are very vaguely described. There isn't any valuable information that would interest me. I do not think that the game itself is interesting either.
After each battle, the bot must recover. It seems to be normal, but I want to play constantly ... I would like the recovery time to be as short as possible, but now we have to wait for several hours.


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I would play CryptoBots if the game had an iOS or an Android version. But there are no such things, and the developers are very vague about their development. And it is inconvenient to play on PC.