UnicornGoShort Description. Part 1.

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Short Description. Part 1.

Genre: ICO, Crypto-collectible online game, Gambling
Setting: Cyberpunk/Fantasy Web

The idea
Users will have to breed unicorns which are a crypto asset. If any two species are bred, a new unicorn is born. It is created based on genes of its parents; gene mutation is possible. The main game currency is CandyCoin. It is used to make all transactions within the game; its supply is limited by 12,000,000. As the game becomes more popular and sophisticated, CandyCoin price will also grow. As such, the easiest way to invest is buy CandyCoin. Also, the game offers huge opportunities for passive and active income. You can breed rare unicorns and sell them for good money; you can also buy in-game real-estate, produce in-game consumables and sell them on the exchange. The ultimate goal of the project is making people aware of crypto currencies and creating a stable economic system which allows for earning money by playing the game.

The In-Game Crypto Assests
⦁ CandyCoin — the basic game currency
⦁ Unicorns — a collection asset featuring flexible price
⦁ Land — a means of producing MegaCandy
⦁ MegaCandy — a booster currency which shortens recovery time for some features (breeding, taking part in tournaments etc).
Title serves as a limitation tool for land. It also shows how much influence the user has in the game.
Technical description of the game
Title has two basic parameters:
⦁ Size of ownership — show how much land the user can possess
⦁ Voting factor – a crypto asset which is a means of production of another asset, MegaCandy.

Overall, there will be 10 titles.

Land is also a crypto asset. Essentially, it is a means of production of MegaCandy which is another crypto asset. Total supply is limited by 30,000 units.

Technical description

Each user who owns Land, can produce MegaCandy. In order to grow MegaCandies, the user has to plant a MegaTree (buy 1 MegaTree for 1 CandyCoin). As soon as the MegaTree has grown and maturated, it will bear 1 MegaCandy. The user can take the MegaCandy; in this case his/her MegaTree will disappear. Time of gestation is 1 hour. The process can be repeated by planting 1 another CandyCoin.
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Some FAQ on the game:

Q: What is the price of one plot of land?

A: It is being decided upon currently. We don't have a precise number, but the price will be calculated based on a pay-off period of a few months.

...to be continued...