Basis Neuro attracts 2,3 million dollars of investments

By results of token pre-sale Basis Neuro fixes commitments on 2,3 million dollars. Investors expressed great trust and interest in technologies, products and the concept of the company's growth. On the basis of number of agreements concluded in the pre-sale period and the forecast of income during the main part of tokensale, it is already possible to say that the cost of the company is more than 100 million dollars.

Exceptionally positive feedback is also observed in the context of focused discussion with potential partners and investors - experts definitely estimate the represented technology as an integral part of a digital ecosystem of the near future. Neurointerfaces are already demanded in the sphere of user devices, the game industry, the "smart house" and "smart city" systems, medicine, education and many other industries. Over time, implementation of neurotechnologies will go on more and more dynamically - the size of new segments of the market by 2020 is estimated at $100 billion, and after 2025 exponential growth up to $1,8 trillion in 2035 is expected.
Basis Neuro continues expansion of partnership and, in particular, strengthens its cooperation with the British colleagues. In March, the company received the invitation to joint activities from VRtualise Ltd and ImmVRse. The parties agreed about technological interaction, involvement of the top British universities conducting research and development in the field of neurotechnologies and also exchange of resources.
We remind that now Basis Neuro is preparing for a full-scale tokensale, and till April,15 the bonus offer - White Label for the purchase of tokens from $50,000 is opened. On the unique Basis Neuro blockchain platform developers will be able to create full-fledged products on the basis of the data and technologies provided by the company.
Basis Neuro is registered on the Cayman Islands - the company developing and issuing the user neurointerfaces for control of devices and interfaces on the basis of thought commands and also VR neuro-headsets for mental control in VR-applications. Since 2007 the own scientific laboratory has been constantly working on products of the company; all technologies are patented.