12 weeks of UnicornGo Universe


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The UnicornGO Universe.
12 weeks from the Creators.
Hi everybody! It’s amazing you are here in the advanced magic world of UnicornGO.
We hope you already have your nice unicorn and are getting familiar with the possibilities our universe offers. So far we have launched beta versions of the game. However, we continue working very hard on all the aspects of our project.
Our team strives to do its job as good as possible. For us, UnicornGO is not just another cool project, but our total contribution to the gaming industry and popularization of blockchain.
For you to know what is happening in the project and how our game develops, we have prepared this report for you.
Release of UnicornGO
So we have a very important milestone in the project history which is occurred on April 8. This was the day we launched yet another beta-version of our game!
As from now, you can use marketplace to:
• Buy unicorns;
• Offer your pets for breeding with other players’ unicorns;
• Breed your own unicorns;
• Sell your pets (or several ones, or even all of them).
And this is just the beginning. We are improving UnicornGO on a constant basis and adding new functionality every day. Of course your assets get more expensive day by day.
  • We have completed TGE
CandyCoins have spread all over electronic wallets while we have collected a good deal of assets for further working on the game as planned.
We’d like to send our special thanks to our lawyers. The Digital Rights Center has conducted full analysis of functionality of our gaming service and smart-contracts. Also, experts have checked how UnicornGO complies with the Singaporean legislation at which our company is incorporated.
Blockchain-based games only recently appeared, so it is very important to make things legally perfect. The #digitalrightscenter has been working with us from the beginning. For us, it was important to have done the paperwork in time as we stick to openness and honesty while doing our project.
  • As from now, our official token UnicornGO CandyCoin is traded on crypto exchanges.
You can buy it on ForkDelta and IDEX
  • Every owner of CryptoKitty has received CandyCoins to his/her electronic wallet as a gift.
We thought that the gaming society needs to be united, and offered owners of CryptoKitties a possibility to come into the magic unicorn world. We’ll look how that turned out. It can be that the abandoned pets will have to search for a better place live among the unicorns.
  • We have collected all the feedback from our society, conducted a brainstorm and come up with a new design for landing page. Now it looks really cool: https://unicorngo.io

  • We have improved the interface of unicorn overview page: now, it includes all the characteristics of your pet’s genotype. Among others, there are strength, speed and charisma. You can easily get know which genes does what and understand why a unicorn is quick or slow, or where did it get such an amazing tail or exotic horn. You will need this data for breeding your unicorn. With this information, you’ll be able to predict what mutation your future unicorns will have.

  • marketplace works also. It is a page where you can find all the unicorns that have been born to date. By use of the marketplace, you can find a date for your unicorn; you can also offer your pet for sale or breeding, and purchase a horse you like. Of course, here you can check all your future competitors for tournaments. You can use filters on ranges of characteristics for this.
  • Speaking about the inner mechanics of the game, we have paid attention to all the desires of our society and added new elements into the common architecture. As from now, unicorns are born a lot faster.
The In-Game Economics
The process of our game is that you can choose the most suitable strategy of earning money and capitalize on the time spent in the unicorn world.
We have taken seriously the in-game balance and made provisions to stop inflation unlike many other crypto games. We have imposed a ceiling on the number of in-game resources. We’ve also taken limitations on production of expendable materials.
Currently, there are three basic monetary elements in the game: unicorns, plots of land and MegaCandy. All the above are tokens in Ethereum network.
Unicorn Land Token (Land) is needed to grow magic trees which will bear fruits, MegaCandies. And MegaCandies in turn shorten the time needed for defrosting unicorns after breeding and recover unicorn strength after tournaments.
Land can be bought; the number of plots of land is limited to 30,000. Besides, if you are an early investor and have trunk boxes, you already have your plot of land. To check whether you have land in your wallet, please enter the token address: 0x48fc077618662a07e15815fb7afbfbf2a7ee560a
To buy new plots of land, go here: https://unicorngo.io/buylands
Title is your rank within the game. In the future, the title will play a major role and will influence its owner’s status in the world society. There is limitation on how many plots of land a user can own depending on his/her Title. There are only 30K plots in the game, so we need such limitation.
Titles can also be bought with CandyCoins. Currently we are working on a form of purchasing titles without plots of land.
Marketing and PR
We are actively communicating with users of our society and are ready to answer any of your questions in social media. You can also use our forum https://forum.unicorngo.io to ask whatever you want. If you meet us in person, we’ll be extremely glad to talk about our project. Feel free to get in touch with us! We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who visited DeCenter Cryptoevent in Moscow and came to our official booth. Honestly speaking, our booth was the best on the event featuring live modern music.

@cryptoStas, a video blogger, told some words about us in his review:

Mass media from all over the world is interested in us.
During these 12 weeks, there have been more than 500 posts about UnicornGO. People from many countries are aware of our project:
India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, USA, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and even… Uganda!

















Thank you for your time! We are working for you.

Here is what we will be doing in the near future:

We've got feedback (from whom?) on usability of our platform and have planned some additions of several game processes and interfaces.
We’ll expand the game play pretty soon and add tournaments. We constantly work on the game architecture and strive to make is as convenient as possible by any aspects.
We continue working on our proprietary exchange for changing in-game assets.

Keep in touch, there are lots of interesting things ahead!



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