EtherCraft Review


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Meet another 8-bit blockchain-based game - EtherCraft.

The concept of EtherCraft is not new - it's an 8-bit RPG. The game is divided into three independent sections:

  • Items - here you can extract, buy and sell a variety of accessories;
  • Crafting - here you can improve items to sell them for more money;
  • video game - the main section where each user will receive a character and be able to play the game, discover items and kill enemies.

The video game section is still in development, and there is no specific information about it. However, it is already possible to extract, buy, sell items, and also to improve them - "Items" and "Crafting" sections are available.

The EtherCraft menu looks like this:

In the store ("Shop") you can buy any item. Prices range from 0.005 to 0.222 ETH. Some accessories are even available for free.

In the "Inventory" all the items that the user has are available.

"Crafting" menu is much more interesting Here you can process accessories into products with high added value:

However, to make something valuable, you need to know the recipe. And you can not get it yet - recipes are not sold in the store and there is not a word about recipes in other accessible game sections.

There is nothing else interesting in the EtherCraft project (although it is possible that the game will change with the release of the game section it), so we can talk about the game's site and its design.

As you can see, the developers used the 8-bit style so popular today. Perhaps there are some oldfags among players who want to return to the 90's and once again plunge into the atmosphere of early video games, but with today's technology, this design looks silly. Users are already accustomed to good graphics. Will someone in these circumstances want to return to 20-25 years ago?

It is interesting that the site, despite the 8-bit graphics, consumes a lot of computer resources. This should be taken into account if you think that you can play games like EtherCraft on your old PC. Hah! EtherCraft will not work on old systems at all.

Let's sum up all of this a little. Perhaps EtherCraft will interest some people in the blockchain community but only when video game section will be released. But to be fair, there is nothing special in the project.


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The concept of the project is completely incomprehensible. Even if a video game appears, the user will play it alone. It is not interesting. It should be like in UnicornGo: players fight each other to find the strongest.
How do you think, how interesting is it to play the game, where all I can do is to buy an item (it's not clear what for)? I think I will be supported by many - there is no interest, so there is no future for EtherCraft.


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But there are Korean and Japanese versions :) Apparently, the developers, realizing that they can not come up with something original (like making a decent game) decided to surprise the Asian public. I think their attempt has failed.