EtherSpace review


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Let's look at another blockchain game released in 2018. Meet the EtherSpace project.

Many blockchain games are similar to projects that were developed earlier. EtherSpace is no exception: The game is almost identical to the EtherTanks project.

On the EtherSpace site, players will be able to fight using spaceships. At the moment there are six vessels on MarketPlace:

  • Athena;
  • Mir;
  • Sovereign;
  • Virginia;
  • Serene;
  • Invictus.

Each ship has three stats:

  • planet of origin;
  • type of propulsion;
  • mass.

I think in the near future developers will put new ships to the MarketPlace. Otherwise, players will leave the game due to lack of diversity.

In EtherSpace, users can fight each other, using their spacecraft. However, the "Battle" game section still is under construction, and it is unknown when it will be launched.

The EtherSpace game is one of the few entertainment blockchain projects that gives participants the opportunity to earn money. But in a rather strange way.

Apparently, the person who bought the spacecraft of a certain type first will get the money. Take a look:

Those who did not manage to buy a vessel first will pay the most successful player. Very controversial model, and why EtherSpace developers decided to use it is unclear.

By the way, the price of each spaceship on EtherSpace has not yet been determined. There are pictures of the ships already have, their stats, but price fields are empty:

The design of the EtherSpace site is mediocre at best and spacecrafts are not much better. The images are small and not of very high quality, no small details were drawn:

And even the fact that their pictures on the site rotate, does not help too much.

By the way, in EtherSpace there can be a situation when two people try to buy the same spaceship at the same time. In this case, something like an auction is held: the vessel is purchased by the user who pays more. And the loser will receive his cryptocurrency back.

It's to early to call EtherSpace project completely unworthy of attention though. It is possible that the game will become more interesting when the "Battle" mode finally appears. However, developers risk being late - there are many blockchain games, and the audience has already been distributed among them. It's doubtful that players will want to change the project when they used to another platform.


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Today, blockchain games should be launched in the finished form, without unfinished sections and shortcomings. The creators of EtherSpace neglected this rule and gave the blockchain community a reason for sound criticism. I do not think that the project has any prospects.


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Space ships could look better, especially since there are only 6 of them. And with such graphics as on EtherSpace, you will not go far - the detalization level of spacecraft only slightly exceeds 8-bit games.
Optimistically, you can earn money on EtherSpace. However, as I understand, only those six users who are the first to buy spacecraft will get the money. I would be very surprised if they are not connected with platform developers and will not share profit with them.


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I think we have another scam here: EtherSpace: A good candidate for a scam project. I didn't find WhitePaper or any other document with information on this "game" was told what kind of game (for example, WhitePaper), nor a clear concept. But it's absolutely certain that you have to pay the first buyers of spacecraft. And i don't like it at all.