EtherRacing review


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EtherRacing is another game in the row of CryptoKitties, EtherTanks and other similar projects. Let's see what kind of game it is.

Game objects in EtherRacing are - as it is easy to guess from the name - cars. 8 models of machines are available in EtherRacing. Their silhouettes resemble the appearance of well-known real models, but developers decided not to think too much of the names so cars have only indexes - ER-1 to ER-8.

I think that the first question the player will have is why are there so few cars? After all, everyone wants a car that suits him. The answer to this question is simple: there are only a few cars, because EtherRacing is a Ponzi scheme.

The fact is that EtherRacing is not really a game (although, surprisingly, there is a "racing mode"). The project is not designed good enough to attract many users and become popular. It performs a completely different task: enrich the developers and those few lucky ones who managed to register for the first time on EtherRacing (although they are most likely closely related to the creators).

This conclusion is easy to come by understanding one feature of the game. The one who bought the car of any model first gets a referral profit. The owner of the model receives some money whenever someone else buys the same car.

The size of the referral bonus varies depending on the vehicle. For the cheapest model (at a price of 0.0732 ETH), it is 0.001 ETH. And the most expensive car at a price of 2,575 ETH brings its owner 0.025 ETH from each new buyer.

By the way, that participant EtherRacing, who managed to buy the first model, does not receive a lifetime right for referral bonus. It can be taken off him by any other user. Well, not simply "taken", but bought for the double price of the car. Thus, to start receiving referral bonuses from the most expensive car, you will have to give away 5.15 ETH.

However, even if there is a desire and an opportunity to give 5.15 ETH (or a double cost of a cheaper model), then this can not be done. The creators of EtherRacing for almost half a year cannot complete the development of the "Trade" section:

The screenshot shows that the "Trade" section was scheduled to appear on January 14th. However, it's the middle of April out there, and there are no changes yet

Let's sum up: EtherRacing is a Ponzi scheme and it's too late to participate. Another fraudulent scheme, which is disguised as a trendy blockchain game. The intentions of the developers are clear - to get quick profit and close the project.
I want to understand what motivates people who invest in such projects. Why do not they play UnicornGo - there are beautiful visuals, and the plot is interesting, and you can fight other users. No, they specifically look for obvious scam projects give scammers their money. And then they think, why they got busted again.


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January 14 - the launch date of EtherTanks and the "Trade" section of EtherRacing. Do not you find anything interesting? Even names are similar. In my opinion, this is sufficient evidence of a connection between the two projects. And we all know. that EtherTanks is a scam. Therefore, EtherRacing is also a fraud.