CryptoCelebrities review


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After having a little rest of cryptokitties, people began to buy up stars. This opportunity was presented to them by the CryptoCelebrities project.

The CryptoCelebrities beta was launched in late January 2018. The project appeared a few months after CryptoKitties but is quite popular regardless. Users are quite willing to buy Donald Trump, Madonna, Emma Watson, Ilon Mask and other celebrities for themselves.

The game mechanics of CryptoCelebrities is very simple. This is a classic collector's game. Each player collects as many valuable cards as possible. But this cards cannot be used to compete with other users and cannot be won. Apparently, developers of CryptoCelebrities believe that players will be satisfied with the very fact of owning some celebrity (or rather, images of).

If there is a player who wants to buy a card in CryptoCelebrities, then he must do the following:

  • register on the CryptoCelebrities site;
  • select one of available cards;
  • transfer ETH through MetaMask;
  • get a card.

Profile of the celebrity with her photo and description of the main achievements falls into the participant's profile.

If the user has bought some celebrity in CryptoCelebrities, it does not mean that he will have this card forever. It is enough for any player to offer for a celebrity a price that is 2 times higher than its previous price, and he will acquire it - that's how the CryptoCelebrities smart-contract works. This feature is used by rich participants - for example, the card of Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum creator, was bought 31 times, its price increased to 24.5 ETH as a result.

The stars and celebrities, whose cards are represented in CryptoCelebrities, have nothing to do with the game and did not take part in its creation. Not surprisingly, shortly after the project was released, lawyers of famous people began to threaten game developers with lawsuits. The creators of CryptoCelebrities have found a way out: any celebrity whose card is in the game can refer to the project team, and receive 3% from each purchase of its card.

Brief summary: CryptoCelebrities is a project that has nothing but a hype around celebrities names. But today even this can bring popularity. Eve well-known media wrote of this game (for example, Meduza). However, the project team, in our opinion, should spend less money on advertising, and pay more attention to the gameplay and interesting features that would really attract users.
I think the question of whether Donald Trump is for sale is already irrelevant :) You can not access the CryptoCelebrities site, but on Reddit the project was already labeled as a scam.


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It is obvious that you should not invest your money in such projects. Even if CryptoCelebrities would not be a scam, but would work for several years, then why bring money here? It is stupid to really count on someone buying your picture. After all, there is no real value in it.


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I thought that the project, which even Medusa wrote about, will not be a frank scam. And now I understand that the publication, most likely, was paid. It's good that I was smart enough not to invest my money in CryptoCelebrities.