CryptoAlpaca review


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New cute creatures - alpacas - have arrived in "the blockchain zoo" They can be bought and breeded on the CryptoAlpaca platform.

CryptoAlpaca is a game that will allow you to purchase animals, get new alpacas and have money from that. The developers of CryptoAlpaca were inspired by CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, but, according to them, in CryptoAlpaca there is more gameplay.

The gameplay begins with the purchase of an alpaca. This can be done on the marketplace or at the auction.

The auction sells Gen 0 alpacas (Gen 0), which do not have parents. A new animal appears in the game every 15 minutes. Developers plan to gradually reduce the amount of alpaca of the first generation on sale to 1 animal per day. And when their population reaches 100 thousand, Gen 0 reproduction will be completely stopped.

The second way to buy alpaca is to go to the marketplace. There are animals of all generations. The price of alpaca can be negotiated with the seller directly. However, with the transaction it is necessary to pay 5% "tax" - this is the basis of founders income.

There is no battle interface in CryptoAlpaca. Alpacas are peaceful animals that are not meant to fight.

But wars are replaced in CryptoAlpaca by a peaceful life. Every day the animal needs to be fed with grass. If the alpaca is well fed, it gives two kinds of wool:

  • Lucky Wool;
  • Intimate Wool.

The amount of Lucky Wool depends on the alpaca's zodiac sign. And how much Intimate Wool the animal gives, depends on its charisma.

Both charisma and the sign of the zodiac are the parameters that are given to alpaca at birth. They can not be changed. Therefore, animals that have a profitable zodiac sign and great charisma, are in demand on the market.

Wool can be sold for ETH. At the moment, 1 wool unit costs 0.002 ETH. The CryptoAlpaca administration, however, reserves the right to reduce the reward for one unit of wool if there would be to many players or the ether rate will increase greatly.

The game has a few more features, but they are not so important to the player. Alpacas can breed, but for this the player needs to purchase several animals of different sex. It depends on the alpaca's generation how many times during its life it can breed. For example, Gen 0 animals are capable of breeding six times, and Gen 2 alpacas only 4 times.

Summary: CryptoAlpaca is not the worst project among blockchain games. At the very least there is an opportunity to earn. However, a constantly shut down site, the amateur stylistics and the lack of a combat system - the fat minuses of the project.


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The site is not impressive:

It looks like a lending page, designed in an hour. In the center there is a children's applique, on the sides there are generally empty areas. Yes, and alpaca itself could look better - in reality, the animal looks different.
The main drawback of the project is its website. It is not only ugly, but it also works very slowly. How can I play, when only the main page is loaded for 3-4 minutes, I can not imagine.


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It is interesting that the images of alpacas on the official website and on the page in Medium are quite different. Just take a look:

It can be seen that the style is completely different. I can not say that this is a big drawback, but it looks stupid. Developers should decide which style to choose before launching the game.