EtherTulips review


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Comparison of tulip fever in 1637 and hype around blockchain technologies is quite popular. A lot of authors use this topic.

So creators of EtherTulips decided to combine two "fevers" which are almost 400 years apart. Here, modern blockchain technologies and tulips are connected, which in 1636-1637 were the main driving force of world trade.

EtherTulips is a platform where the player can not only breed tulips, but also "fight" with other users. And flowers are extensively used in battles. This is not expected when registering for EtherTulips (tulips do not seem to be a great combat asset), but developers decided to create combat interface to make the game more interesting.

To start playing EtherTulips, you need to purchase seeds and grow a tulip. Flowers are divided into seven categories of rarity:

  • Very Common, probability - 50.9%;
  • Common, 20.5%;
  • Uncommon, 12.7%;
  • Rare, 6.4%;
  • Very Rare, 3.2%;
  • Epic, 0.8%;
  • Legendary, 0.4%;
  • Secret, 0.1%.

More than half of all flowers are very common. They do not have any advantages in battles and have little value. But if you buy seeds for several tulips, you can get common and uncommon plants. Lucky ones will get rare and very rare flowers. And someone will be the luckiest - the owner of a secret tulip.

Plants can not only be used in battles - they can also be sold. To do this, the "Marketplace" section has been created on the EtherTulips website. However it does not work yet:

Battle interface does work but still is in beta mode. Developers warn that in the final version battles between tulips can be seriously reworked.

At the moment, the battle procedure is as follows:

  • the player enters the "Battle" section of the EtherTulips website;
  • clicks on "Find A Game" and waits for the opponent;
  • as soon as the other participant joins, selects a certain action;
  • waiting for the enemy's response;
  • again selects the action and waits for reaction;
  • this is repeated until one of the parties will not win.

The capabilities of the players in the battle are really limited so far. Judging by the screenshot presented on the EtherTulips page in Medium, you can choose one of four actions:

It is definitely not what fans expect from the game. But the developers are still working on the game and promise new improvements.

Summary: EtherTulips is potentially a good, but not refined project. The developers released the platform in January, but still can not release the final version. At this rate release will happen at the end of the year, and it's too late to expect a large audience.


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Tulip and blockchain fevers are really very similar things. And remember that there is a lot of hype is around blockchain games - so three popular themes are mixed here. But I do not think that EtherTulips will receive any significant benefit from this. The game is not as interesting as it is marketed, and users will certainly find something better.
Tulips fighting each other? Are you serious? I wonder how the number of hitpoints of a flower is determined? Damage? I think the developers should not just copied the interface of battles from other projects, but invent something of their own. Maybe some players will get interested.


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I do not see anything new in EtherTulips The same blockchain game as anyone of hundreds out there. It could have become popular on the hype wave if it was released earlier. And now the chances are slim.


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Three months after the launch, and you can only buy seeds! Are developers going to finish the project? Or do they think that players will buy tulips anyway?