UnicornGo is launching an airdrop on the augmented reality platform IZX

Today UnicornGo is broadening its horizons and entering augmented reality. In different corners of the world there are now our very own PromoCandy tokens waiting to be caught. Collect them and exchange for CandyCoin tokens.
In February of this year, the game was officially launched. A beta version of the game was released as well as the first generation of unicorns (Gen-0). The project keeps growing and delighting players with new features and new opportunities.

Now we present to you a chance to try a taste of augmented reality. We have developed it with our partner Izetex, who have organized this airdrop campaign for us on their platform.

How does it work?

Around the world from Moscow to Goa, Promo Candy tokens have been dispersed. Right now, the number of promo tokens on the platform is 10,000.

Promo Candy — are special game tokens which players will be able to exchange for real Candy Coin tokens with the ratio of one to one, and start playing! Using the candy tokens you will be able to purchase a unicorn or other assets. There is only one limitation, no more than 25 Candy Coin per user.

To start your hunt for Promo Candy you need to download the mobile app IZX either in the AppStore on iOS or the Play Store on android and keep watch for the next couple of weeks. You should also join our official group on telegram, where we promise to give tips and hints where to find Promo Candy.

We chose this method to conduct our promotional event because UnicornGo is a game and an adventure into other worlds including augmented reality.

We want users to receive enjoyment from the game, and what can be more pleasant than taking a spring-summer stroll to find tokens? Especially if you can also earn from it. After all, CandyCoin as well as the unicorns themselves are tokens on the Ethereum platform and therefore an excellent investment.

We are very thankful for our partnership with IZX. As they have perfected the airdrop campaign for us. IZX already has 50,000 users, who actively use their platform and collect tokens. They are interested in cryptocurrencies and positively welcome new players into the market. We hope that they will join UnicornGo.

And this is only the beginning. As soon as you are familiar with the workings of the app and catch the Promo Candy tokens, the augmented reality of UnicornGo will be filled with new assets. For example, you will be able to find food for your pets, and very soon we will be able to take our unicorns out for a walk, do you find that interesting? Then join us now!

Do the following:

  • Install the IZX application
  • Find the candy tokens near you
  • Collect up to 25 tokens
  • Exchange them for Candy Coin after 01 June (the event will run from 01 to 31 May 2018)
  • Everyone who will collect candy tokens will receive an alert through the IZX app with instructions on how to exchange the tokens.

  • Cheating and using fake GPS location will get you banned from participating in the event!