The preorder for the first models of neurocontrolled interfaces and VR is open.

Every day we have to carry out hundreds of different tasks, sometimes at the same time, and because of this we are confused, we can’t be concentrated on something specific and build up an adequate plan. In messengers one hundred not answered messages from ten chats hangs, it is urgently necessary to get the important information dug deeply in a cloud, at the same time to come into several personal accounts, requiring authorization, right there you are called, and all this while you’re driving up to the parking and looking for the admittance card in a pocket with the third hand. Sometimes there is an insuperable desire to manage things by force of thought.

It sounds overwhelming, but Basis Neuro has already read your thoughts in literal and figurative sense and prepared everything in the best way. The company enters the market with the development which is completely changing rules of the game in the sphere of the user high-technology devices.Whereas earlier we had to perform tactile contact with smartphones, computers and any equipment from the external environment, now manual interaction is replaced with thought commands. Over time the majority of habitual processes will be transferred to mental interaction, as the mankind once shifted from a manual work to machine one.

For decades, scientists all over the world unsuccessfully tried to approach to the user neurointerfaces. Two years ago the situation was changed by Basis Neuro laboratory. The basis of success has two components: the unique amplifier of bio-potentials and algorithms of recognition. Thanks to the fact that engineers of laboratory for the first time managed to fit the bulky electroencephalograph in a compact board and draft the system of the algorithms with high precision allocating a clear signal from superficial noise, the era of neurointerfaces is coming right now.

In 10 years the company realized prototypes of wheelchairs on “the mental drive”, thought-controlled headsets of smartphones and computers on basis of standard OS and also integrated neurocontrol into VR. So, just in February partnership between Basis Neuro and UnicornGO, the company developing an online game on the basis of VR and a blockchain, was accepted. In this you will be able mentally control your character, unicorn, and he will sensitively respond to your mood and intentions, taking different actions to capture and interest you.

The company is opening preorders for devices of two types: neurocontrol interfaces and VR-headsets. The devices are made in the shape of the stylish easy headsets which are put on like a headdress or glasses. It’s they which will be put into a batch production in the nearest future and will become available to the mass users in the price range of modern smartphones and laptops.

Already now you can control a smartphone or a laptop by means of mental commands. Through built-in Bluetooth the headset is connected to any gadget and works with it without professional setup. Later interfaces of IoT control and of the smart house will become available. Many services will be connected to the neurointerface that will make comfortable purchasing of goods and services, trips by transport, visit to public places. VR, combined with the neurointerface, gives a chance of complete immersion — you act in the same way as in real life, without inappropriate manipulations with fonts, and as a result you get real feelings thanks to a capability of consciousness to complete a perception range.

Neurointerfaces will allow a person to get that it is really necessary for him on the basis of monitoring of the reaction to these or those things. Such approach will repeatedly increase quality of life and its balance. Because of an excessive flow of information people acquire attention deficit disorder and stresses, keep up with nothing. The task of protection of attention will be undertaken by the personal

neuroassistant — providing only the constructive, approved data flow and also saving time due to fast mental control, it will help to increase concentration and get more pleasure from life.

Basis Neuro neurointerfaces are subject to a guarantee and continuous maintenance as the laboratory has staff of the research associates who are constantly enhancing all the developments. Launch in sale of the first versions of devices has already been planned, therefore the company is opening the large-scale preorder, and everyone has an unique opportunity to become the first owners of the user neurointerfaces on the planet.

Basis Neuro is registered on the Cayman Islands — the company developing and issuing the user neurointerfaces for control of devices and interfaces on the basis of thought commands and also VR neuro-headsets for mental control in VR-applications. Since 2007 the own scientific laboratory has been constantly working on products of the company; all technologies are patented.

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