Biohacking through neurons is better than opiates. Part 2

In the Part 1 ( we reviewed that people have always been unsatisfied with their nature. This deep discomfort has been is a common feeling for all of us, but what we can do?

Drugs are definitely not safe. It’s the science fact, proved by thousands of researches. But anyway we are too lazy to train. We need a magic technology if it’s not safe at all to got a magic pill.

What a neural science can do for you? Make you truly be healthier with your brain, mind and body. All your being controlling by your brain, so manage your brain activity and health you will got a “superpowers” that you didn’t have before.

Invasive intervention

Aside from the neural stimulation required by some categories of sick people, some enthusiasts willingly transform their body into a biomachine, implanting devices in their bodies that help simplify the usual household processes, save time and effort in performing certain operations.

People with microchips implanted under the skin can already be met in the city streets today:

The technology is simple and efficient, but it is not a solution to the problem of developing the potential of the human body and consciousness in the given global context, but rather serves as an auxiliary measure.

Non-invasive neural technologies

As mentioned earlier, the value of “computational” processes inside the brain is difficult to overestimate. Electrical signals that encode and transmit information within it determine all the processes that occur in the body. By tuning the flows of these signals in a special way, you can achieve a surprising effect when it comes to not just managing the standard processes but enabling new ones, many times superior in quality and power to those that have ever been recorded in a particular person before.

There are many techniques of mind control — from mystical meditations to pragmatic autogenic trainings ( that transfer the person who practices them to a whole new level of perception and control of reality.