Basis Neuro — control the “power of thought”

The technology of neural interfaces allows you to control everyday devices with mental commands — literally, “power of thought”. The mass consumer technology seems new, but the level of current development and the needs of the different markets give reason to believe that neural interfaces will become a part of everyday life in the next few years.
Where will we find the use of such technologies?

Already, the neural interfaces allow us to solve the problems of consumers faster,more efficiently and cheaper:

total immersion in virtual reality through the use of mental control
obtaining information about the state of man, his feelings and desires, not on circumstantial evidence, and in real-time
development of educational programs, the creation of devices to enhance memory
the creation of artificial sense organs, improvement of funds for the rehabilitation of patients,
development of a wheelchair controlled the “power of thought”, the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases
improvement of cognitive abilities through brain stimulation

There are several companies that develop neural interfaces, however, only a company Basis Neuro provides the user ready “package solution” of the interface that is applicable to any device.
Research laboratory basic Neuro — pioneer developments in the field of non-invasive Neurotechnology and neural interfaces. The result of ten years of experimental and theoretical work in dozens of publications, many patents on software and, most importantly, working prototypes of devices on the neural control.
A huge reservoir of accumulated knowledge, substantial experience in the study of Neurotechnology at the University, as well as a large number of tests allowed the team Neuro Basis to create a product incorporating the technology (ready-to-headset interface), unique algorithms for the decoding of mental commands, the basis of the decoded brain signals and patterns, access to experts in the industry.
Most importantly — Basis Neuro will give any business a turnkey solution for self-service devices with the use of technology to visualize control. Today you can see a working prototype of an interface that only needs to be run in mass production.
Due to the limited investment the team Basis Neuro made the decision to hold the ICO project. In the beginning of 2018 basic Neuro will start a crowdfunding fundraiser, and who knows, maybe soon we will be able to control “smart devices” or “smart house”, games and entertainment projects with the help “power of thought”.