Basis Neuro. Neural interface — it’s real

The idea of a neural interface, almost like the idea of an intergalactic ship, is as old as science fiction itself. To date, dozens of companies are developing a brain-computer interface, but only a few can boast of a product with robust functions and deep integration with electronic devices.

The Basis Neuro team has been working with neural technology for more than a decade now. Their goal is to help modern companies make neural interfaces a part of everyday life by facilitating their introduction and use in virtually all areas of public and private life. The Basis Neuro platform was developed for this very purpose.

The Basis Neuro platform is a platform for service companies and developers that will enable them to create products and services using neural interfaces for business, education, medicine, sports or art.

So far, existing companies have developed their own neural interfaces with limited functions, and most importantly — without the ability to develop their products based on similar interfaces under their own brand. The Basis Neuro project experts created a more accurate mechanism for reading brain signals and developed a conceptually new software environment for device management — improving the accuracy and speed of contact-free interaction. New learning algorithms were developed, capable of detecting EEG patterns produced by humans at a high rate and using them as control commands.

All this allowed Basis Neuro to reach a new level and provide service companies with an opportunity to create their own, fully functional, innovative products based on the neural interface.

This “packaged” solution can be offered only by a few companies at the moment. However, no other neural interface is able provide the user with the following functions all in one product:

— Output of information to a smartphone

— Development package

— Manage external devices with conscious commands

— Manage a character in the game

— Provide recommendations

— Gyroscopes

— Variability of heart rhythm

— Monitor fatigue level

— Monitor attention level

— Support meditation

— Monitor satisfaction/loyalty

— Level of stress

And much more…

The absence of such expanded functions imposes restrictions on neural interfaces of many companies for use in various areas of life. That is why only Basis Neuro can provide the many solutions that are now in demand in many markets (entertainment games, medicine, education, business, etc.).

The company already has a ready-made functioning prototype, which anyone can use today. Due to this, the team decided to raise the investments required to start production through the ICO as soon as early 2018.

Basis Neuro is a step into the future of neural technology.