EtherLambos review


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In January 2018, a lo of entertainment projects for cryptocommunity members were launched, EtherLambos was among these games.

DELETE In general, the name reflects the point of the game rather well - you have collect images of racing cars and sell them to other users.

So far, five models are available to players:

  • "Vitalik" (250 cars);
  • "Satoshi" (100 cars);
  • "Monera" (400 cars);
  • "Charlie"(200);
  • "One" (300).

EtherLambos developers promise to introduce two more types of machines a bit later. Their names are already known - they are called "TRON" and "X". However, the appearance of cars and their number are still kept secret.

But you cannot buy a single car on EtherLambos yet. There is a possibility only to book cars and look at their pictures. For each vehicle there is a separate page with a brief description and cost:

However, developers of EtherLambos promise to launch MarketPlace in May 2018, after that users will be able to sell and buy cars. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to customize cars - to order and receive exactly the model they want. All car models will be customizable and produced in exclusive versions.

The EtherLambos team has more ambitious plans. In 2018-2019, game developers plan to start cooperation with the dealer centers of luxury car brands. The result will be advertising EtherLambos for buyers of expensive cars, as well as the development of an environmentally friendly concept car.

In general, EtherLambos is the same collecting blockchain-based game as dozens of similar projects. There is nothing special in EtherLambos. The look of cars is not bad, but when you open a page with a car, you understand that it's not well detailed.

There is no gameplay either: all that users will be able to do on EtherLambos is to buy and sell car pictures. By the way, the developers deliberately did not make the gaming interface for EtherLambos, as they considered that it the future of blockchain gaming is in collecting.

Is it true or not, users will judge. But we can not recommend EtherLambos as a game, which is worth trying. In our opinion, this is just one more game to the pile of projects very similar to each other without any special features.


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How do creators of EtherLambos plan to attract users? If their game is just a collecting one, then it was necessary to start earlier, but now the players are already fed up with similar projects. It was worth it to consider the gameplay and a couple of interesting features to win the competition.


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EtherLambos can be saved only by relatively low prices - the most expensive car costs 1 ether. But there is nothing more interesting in the project, the eye has nothing to catch on. I'll look for something better.
In my opinion, the design of cars could be better. Now they look as if they were copied from the sketches of Maserati and Lamborghini designers. Of course, these are top-of-the-line sports cars, but they could create something of their own.


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If you think you can pimp your ride after buying, then you are cruelly deceived. Look at the two pictures below:

The first - stock "Vitalik", on the second - the same car with all options. In fact, there are only three changes: another spoiler, LEDs on the wheels and slightly changed roof. I think this is clearly not what players would like to see.