KimJongCrypto review


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Development of another collectible crypto game several months ago. The project was named KimJongCrypto.

In similar games, users are asked to collect pictures of animals or celebrities or various vehicles (military aircraft, tanks or racing cars). The creators of KimJongCrypto, in fact, did not go far from this model. But KimJongCrypto is still rather unusual game: here it is proposed to collect various pictures (or portraits) of Kim Jong-un.

In fact, it is obvious from the first page of the website - the image of the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea is a good hint:

So, the creators suggest that users rush to collect Kim Jong-un's portraits and tell their friends about it. Will this project succeed?

Of course, if it was launched in North Korea, we would have a few new cryptobillionaires - inhabitants of the country would instantly buy up all of Kim Jong-un pictures (and, probably, would require more), and creators will earn more than Winklevoss brothers. Or they would be shot for portraits being not good enough. But in North Korea, people don't even have the access to the Internet, and there are not so many fans of the North Korean dictator outside North Korea. Moreover, these fans usually prefer to participate in communist rallies and watch TV in the evenings, not to use the Internet. And I doubt that they even heard about the decentralized data networks at all.

However, the project is not designed for a large number of users, so there won't be any problems in this aspect. But there is one worrying thing - on the KimJongCrypto MarketPlace there are no Kim Jong-un pictures - only empty white spots:

It seems that this will not please those who prefer to go on vacation not to Goa or Bali, but to Pyongyang (if they are allowed). And other users who heard about Kim Jong-un mostly in the context of news about nuclear weapons, will not be impressed either.

Summary: for the admirers of the North Korean leader KimJongCrypto is an interesting project that will allow them to join the demonic creation of Western capital - blockchain, and at the same time do not betray the true communist ideals. But for the rest KimJongCrypto hardly represents any interest - if you have a desire to collect something in games, you can choose cute kitties or some racing cars.


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Don't you think that KimJongCrypto is a project that was secretly launched by the authorities of Western countries to identify people sympathetic to North Korea and socialism? If this is really so, then I better stay away from that - career is more valuable to me.


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Taking into consideration the latest news around Kim Jong-un potential audience of the project will clearly increase. Therefore, we can praise the developers of KimJongCrypto - they have chosen exactly the right time for the release. However, errors in the game have to be corrected in order to make it playable.
Stylized Kim Jong-un on the screensaver of the site looks good, but you need to do something about the rest of cards. For now, there are only empty slots for them.


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Seeing Kim Jong-un on the main page, I thought that the creators of KimJongCrypto had developed a game with a nuclear blockchain bomb! However, in a few seconds, I realized - nothing new, another boring collection game, whose developers decided to use popular topics simultaneously.