CryptoSaga review


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Korean developers did not stay away from the global enthusiasm for blockchain-based games. They presented CryptoSaga.

It is a decentralized RPG-game. There are not a lot of blockchain projects in this genre.

To start playing CryptoSaga, you need to install the MetaMask extension and purchase your character. You can do it in the "Get Heroes" tab.

Each CryptoSaga character is unique - there aren't two identical of them. Developers wanted to give CryptoSaga some collecting element and attract more players.

Since CryptoSaga is an RPG, here you can not only collect characters but also play with them. The main goal of any player in CryptoSaga is to collect as many treasures as possible in the dungeon. To do this, you first need to train the character, and then send it to the underground passages in the "Arena" section.

Characters in CryptoSaga are divided into two large categories - "heroes" and ordinary blokes. "Heroes" were sold for 0.1 ETH until March 31, 2018. Now you can buy a "hero" only from the player who agrees to sell it (but keep in mind that you will have to pay much more than 0.1 ETH).

Another way is to buy a regular character. They are always available in the MarketPlace and cost about 0.03 ETH. Experienced users recommend to make a team of 4 characters immediately, so to start, a player will have to invest 0.12 ETH.

The characters have 5 stats that determine their abilities:

  • power;
  • attack;
  • defence;
  • stamina;
  • cunning.

In addition, characters have unique abilities, used in specific situations. For example, if a user has a Watermage, he will quickly cope with the fire mobs in the dungeon.

Two modes have been prepared for CryptoSaga users:

  • PvE - the characters descend into the dungeon and try to find treasures and, in the process, they are under attacks of various creatures;
  • PvP - players compete with each other in 4 vs 4 battles mode, where the user's actions are more important than stats of his characters.

In both modes, rewards are given in ethers or gold. The better the user plays, the greater the loot he receives.

CryptoSaga - quite an interesting blockchain game, which will definitely have its fans. However, the project does not look like a market leader: developers have launched it too late, and the audience has already used to other games. Although in part, people may later go to CryptoSaga - there is a probability of such a scenario.


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Interesting game, but, it seems to me, the use of the blockchain is very limited - it is only needed for cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is probably impossible to call CryptoSaga a full-fledged blockchain game.


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I was surprised by graphics - it turns out, the characters on CryptoSaga are animated and really fight each other! But in order to defeat another player, one must have a well-trained army, and training will take a couple of months at best. This is too long.


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CryptoSaga is not a bad game, but it is still missing something. I compared CryptoSaga and UnicornGo and decided that the second project is better balanced. After all, it has good graphics, and the gameplay is interesting, and you can make money. CryptoSaga also has that, but overall the level of implementation is not so good.
You can win battles only by using "heroes" and they are expensive! If the won't sell "heroes" the same way as in the very beginning, I definitely will not play CryptoSaga. And other users will do the same.


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I've seen games much worse than CryptoSaga - some sites that offer to collect useless cards with images. But to become a market leader, developers of CryptoSaga should work on the story and come up with more heroes. For now, CryptoSaga loses to competitors in these terms.