Ether Dungeon review


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The genre of strategies is probably the second most popular among blockchain games developers after collecting games. The next strategy, the creators of which decided to use blockchain is Ether Dungeon.

The project started in 2017, but the release of the platform was made in 2018. Ether Dungeon is a classic strategy where players are invited to conquer territory (here it's dungeons), and upgrade characters.

There are 1024 dungeons In Ether Dungeon, each of them is a unique token of the ERC-721 standard. Dungeons are created according to the established schedule and distributed among users as rewards.

The dungeon can either be captured or purchased on the market. To conquer the dungeon, the user must have an army of characters. They can also be bought in MarketPlace. After the acquisition of the character can be upgraded in three ways:

  • training;
  • purchase of new equipment;
  • improving the level of the new character to "superhero".

As soon as the character has more power than is needed to capture the dungeon, he can do it. To do this, just find the territory and click on the "Challenge" button. The user will immediately receive 45% of the treasures accumulated in the dungeon. The remaining 55% will be distributed as follows:

  • 45% - will pass to the dungeons of the following levels;
  • 8% - reward of the Dungeon Master;
  • 2% - to the Comforting Jackpot.

"Comforting Jackpot" is a bonus for those users whose characters have failed in training (yes, it is possible in Ether Dungeon). The higher the cost of failed training, the more points of "Faith" the user receives. As soon as he accumulates 100 Faith points he gets 50% of the current "Comforting Jackpot".

If an Ether Dungeon user has plans to capture another dungeon, he can do it if he has enough money to transport his character. The price depends on the power of the characters (the higher it is, the more you have to pay) and the remoteness of the territory.

If the user challenged a dungeon, then regardless of whether he captured it or not, his characters need to rest. The recovery period increases with the increase in the number of occupied territories.

Summary: Ether Dungeon has many drawbacks that will not allow the game to become popular. The gameplay is not completely understandable: You have to fight abstract dungeons instead of other users. In addition, the site with a description of the game ( ) does not work well, and the platform itself is on a different site at all ( ). Why developers decided to do so, is unclear.


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I do not think that Ether Dungeon will succeed in winning the competition and attracting users. There are many blockchain-strategies now, and the player has plenty to choose from. So, he will have high demands for both gameplay and graphics. And Ether Dungeon, obviously, will not meet them.


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Ether Dungeon's graphics, of course, is better than that of 8-bit games, but the industry leaders are clearly much better. Look at the game map to understand what I'm talking about:



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Now the blockchain game in order to survive, have to offer the user something special - it won't be enough just to mention blockchain in the description. Ether Dungeon is an ordinary strategy, which, perhaps, would become popular, but definitely not now, when dozens of projects compete with it.
Why do you need Ether Dungeon with shady gameplay, when you can play Unicorn Go? There everything is clear - how to participate in tournaments, how to improve animals, how to win money. And unicorns, as for me, are much more pleasant than characters in Ether Dungeon.


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How I understood, if the user has more power than the dungeon, then he wins 100%, and if not, he loses 100%? Well, why do you want such a game, where the outcome is known in advance? This is not interesting.