Dragonereum review


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The popularity of cryptogames with animals is not in decline yet. After CryptoKitties dozens of similar projects appeared, where players were offered to buy dogs, cats and other animals.

Another similar game inbound - Dragonereum. It's obvious that you're going to collect dragons here.

The goal of the developers of Dragonereum is to create an interesting blockchain game, where those users who spend more time on the platform will benefit. To do this, the creators of Dragonereum allow participants to fight and upgrade their dragons "non-stop".

The game begins with purchase of a dragon. It can be bought in the MarketPlace, also with certain periodicity, Gen0 dragons with improved stats are distributed among the players. When purchasing an egg, Dragonereum player does not know who the dragon's parents are and what stats it will have.

There are 11 dragon species on Dragonereum. However, after the launch, there will be only 5 the rest will appear later. The dragons have 10 parts of the body, and all of them affect its stats.

As soon as the dragon hatched from the egg and grew up, he can participate in the battles. Developers announced animated graphics of battles - animals will fight each other alternately attacking and defending themselves. The result of the battle will still depend only on the character's stats - the user does not have the ability to control the dragon or influence the outcome in any other way.

The winners of the battles receive three types of prizes:

  • experience points;
  • skill points - they can be spent on the development of endurance, defense, attack, speed, intelligence;
  • gold - game currency (used to heal dragons or buy new characters in the MarketPlace).

An interesting feature of Dragonereum is unlimited number of dragons. More precisely, it is limited, but the limit i set ridiculously high - 259 374 246 010 000 000 000 characters. If every ihuman on Earth will play Dragonereum, then he will own 34,090,075,792 dragons.

The success of Dragonereum player is determined by his position in the ranking. It depends on the quality of its dragons and the results of the battles in which the user participated. You can see the ranking on the main page of the Dragonereum website .

Summary: Dragonereum is an interesting idea, but not yet implemented properly. Perhaps developers are already close to the release of the gaming platform, but for now the official website of Dragonereum is a one-page lending with a description of the advantages and features of the game. So we can not talk about whether the game is good or not yet, it simply is not released properly yet.


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It turns out that you can not even play Dragonereum! Maybe, of course, the developers a making some "bomb" in secret, which will blow minds of cryptogamers off, and they need a lot of time to realize this. But I doubt it.


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Developers could come up with something special, and not copy the idea from CryptoKitties and a dozen or two of these "games". After all, such strategy will not bring success.


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The site looks nice, but what's the use if there's no game? It's time to launch it, otherwise users will go to other platforms and will definitely not return.
Judging by the WhitePaper, the developers did not really bother with the visual design:

Dragons are absolutely identical, they differ only in color. I'd like to see some variety. You could think of at least two or three dragon classes, and it would be much better than now.


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In Dragonereum, as I understand, you can not withdraw the earned gold. And this is the main disadvantage of the project - competitors pay ethers to participants.