Augmentors review


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Everyone remembers what a deafening success Pokemon Go had 2-3 years ago. And it was clear that someone will try to transfer this idea to the blockchain sooner or later. One of the first to do this were the creators of Augmentors.

Augmentors is a world full of fantastic creatures that fight each other. They are called "augmenters" and have sets of unique characteristics, thanks to which they win victories in battles.

Augmentors' developers came up with a whole story about what preceded the wars in the game. All users are recommended to read it: if you do not know what was before, you will not understand some of the features of the game and be defeated.

The whole history of Augmentors fit into six posts:

  • Prologue: Places (a story about places in the ecosystem of Augmentors);
  • Prologue: Augmentor Origin;
  • Prologue: The Birth of Solar and Rhule (the history of the Sun in Augmentors);
  • Prologue: The Third Age;
  • The First Council (a collection of tips for novice players in Augmentors);
  • Rhule Leaves The Realm.

You can see the stories in the "Database" tab.

There is no information so far about how exactly the battles on Augmentors will be implemented, as well as other features of the game. Now only the exclusive alpha testing of Augmentors is available, and it is obvious that before the launch, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018, the platform will be seriously changed. By the way, it will be available on smartphones - developers create a full-fledged mobile application as well.

However, the main features of Augmentors are clear right now. They are the same as in other games of this kind:

  • there are rare characters and relics;
  • each character is a unique token of the ERC-721 standard;
  • You can buy and sell characters in MarketPlace.

Developers of Augmentors have ambitious plans. Judging by the way an official site is made, the creators plan to take a leading position in the market of blockchain strategy games. But whether they manage to do it, is not clear - the competition is already fierce, and by the end of the year it will be only harder. And it is likely that Augmentors will simply get lost in the flow of similar projects.


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I do not think that Augmentors will surprise me with something. The usual game, a bit nicer than the rest. However, this is not enough.


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Instead of coming up with cool stories, they could accelerate development of the game! It is May 2018, but the game is still in alpha testing. We have extremely slow developers here.
Do the creators delay the release of the game due to the fact that something happened to the money raised on the ICO, and they want to hide it? If everything was fine, I think they would not have slowed down, but, on the contrary, would release the game as quickly as possible.


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Augmentors' graphics, as for blockchain games, is very good:

And there will be a mobile version, too. These are the obvious pluses of the project. But, of course, I would like to try them out sooner - I will definitely not wait until the end of the year. And I think that other users agree with me.