DWorld review


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If you are not yet fed up with blockchain games, where developers offer to buy something, and then resell it, then meet another such project - DWorld.

DWorld is a map of London that has been moved to a blockchain and is divided into sections accessible to any user. Anyone who came to the DWorld's site, can buy a part of London for himself. Virtual London, of course, but even that is a good opportunity for someone.

It looks like this:

Each square is a plot of land. If there is a picture on it, then someone already owns it. If there is a piece of London map, then this land is still not bought, and it is sold at a base cost.

Once the user becomes the owner of a piece of land, he begins to earn. Revenues are formed in several ways:

  • when a site nearby is sold, a DWorld member receives a fixed bonus of 0.00625 ETH, as well as a certain percentage of the transaction amount;
  • if someone wants to buy out a user's site, then he gets back 70-80% of its value (the rest goes to the game's fee and payments to landowners located nearby).

It is not difficult to calculate that each participant in DWorld neighbors with eight land plots immediately. This is a good enough opportunity to receive a passive income. Especially profitable it is for those who bought central plots (located, for example, next to Big Ben). They receive 0,025-0,03 ETH each time plots located next to their change owners. Given that this happens often (the demand for land is high), it is easy to calculate that the first DWorld members have already returned their investments and are now making a profit.

With each sale of a plot, its value increases. For example, a lot, which was originally estimated at 0.0375 ETH, will cost 0.05 ETH at the first resale. If it will be sold again - it'll become even more expensive.

Summary: DWorld - another "collectors" blockchain project, which doesn't differ from its predecessors except that in more or less interesting graphics (there is some animation). But we do not need to invest our own money here, in our opinion, profitable plots are bought out already and is expensive, and cheaper land will not bring profit.


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It would be better to leave a picture of the site in the form of London map. Cause lots' owners prefer very strange pictures. I would be interested to look at their homes in reality - they also look like two years old memes?


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Another Ponzi scheme. And all who could profit from it, have already done it. The rest will only lose money by buying lots that are not needed by anyone even for free.


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Why play games like DWorld, when there are much more interesting projects? I registered for UnicornGo and now I constantly upgrade unicorns, take part in tournaments and win money. In my opinion, this is much more interesting than just buying a picture and waiting for it to bring some profit. And there is no scam in UnicornGo, unlike DWorld,.
The only thing you can use DWorld for is to look over the map of London and find out something about its sights- there are links to information sources. But to buy plots here? What for?


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If someone already plays in DWorld, share, does it really bring money? I just doubt it - all the signs of Ponzi scheme are evident. But if someone proves the opposite, I may even buy one or two plots.