What's exciting is going on in the UnicornGO project these days


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A word from Community Manager.
Dear Investors and Friends!

Due to lack of informative news for the past week, i decided to tell you what’s going on in our project.

We're working on the following:

Recently we’ve participated in two big Crypto events - in Kiev and Jakarta.
Our gorgeous and super smart ladies Yulia and Daria are spreading news to different crypto related media. Along with marketing articles.

We are finishing internal testing of the in-game decentralized exchange. It will go live this week for those of you who are eager to trade Candy, Mega candy and UTN-P
At the same time our greatest artists are creating 20 tournaments for you to participate in. As soon as it is ready - it will take a little time to implement into the game.
Moreover we are making code refactoring which will allow us to bring you updates on the platform faster! Refactoring is also needed for localisation files, so expect different translations soon.

We are also testing the app for Android. You can play on your phone without using Metamask

Thank you for being with us through this exciting journey!
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