Player Suggestion

Hello Dear UnicornGo Community,

I am creating this post so we can share game suggestions to the team developing the game and they could give us feedback about implementing them.

My first suggestion is to be able to see a list of the unicorns a certain player owns. I think it would be useful to be able to click on players username and view the unicorns they own as pointed in the picture below.
download (39).png

My second suggestion is to be able to post an offer in candy/eth about a certain unicorn. The owner of the unicorn gets a notification about the offer and decides either to accept or reject it. You could include an extra button like the one pointed below in the picture. If the owner sells the unicorn while there is an active offer which is not rejected it should be auto refunded back to the player which makes the offer.
download (40).png

Would love to hear what you guys think about those 2 ideas and share your own :)
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