Infect The World review


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Infect the world - a blockchain-game recently appeared on the Internet.

The game's is a one-page lander with a blue background, where the world map is inserted from the top, and the bottom of the project is briefly described. Developers of Infect The World offer users to infect other people with viruses.

At the beginning of the game, each participant is encouraged to create his own virus. The instructions say that fto do this to find information about the latest viruses, click on the "Mutation" button and come up with a name for your virus. However, in fact it turned out that there is nothing like this on the site - there are only "Home" and "My viruses" pages. And the latter looks like this:

Then it is offered to mutate viruses. To do this, select the virus and click on the "Mutation" button. However, as in the case with virus acquisition, the button doesn't exist.

Once a player has a virus, he can start to infect people. To do this, just click on "To Infect". The more people get infected due to the virus, the more ETH he gets as a reward. By the way, every 24 hours earned tokens can be withdrawn.

The ability to earn Ethers, of course, is an important advantage of Infect the World. However, it's not so simple: because where you can earn money, you can easily lose it. And for Infect The World is a very just statement.

The matter is that each mutation of a virus is not free: you have to pay in ETH. And the more the virus mutates, the moreexpensive new mutations become. Developers of Infect The World explain this by the fact that a significantly mutated virus infects more people and brings more money to the owner. However, in practice this is not always the case.

And if you do not pay money and do not mutate your viruses, then their value will quickly drop to zero. People develop immunity over time, so the virus can not infect them and bring money to the owner.

Is it worth playing Infect The World? It seems that to answer this question, it is enough just to look at the main page of the site:

Apparently, the developers did not even bother to do something with the world map - they just took the first picture on the Internet and inserted it. It was possible at least to pick up a nice color of the background - it would look much better.

However, even if you do not pay attention to the visual part, Infect The World has a bunch of problems. It's unclear how one can withdraw cryptocurrency from here, even if it would be possible to earn it^ neither Metamask nor any other wallets are available. And it's not a fact that even if the virus infects a lot of people, the player will have at least some significant amount of ETH. After all, nowhere in the game it is indicated how much one infected costs.
"First you pay us for the mutation of viruses, and then we'll probably return something as a reward for infected people", - can't say that it's a good offer But now they are unlikely to be able to deceive someone.


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It seems that someone makes a lot of crappy blockchain games for some reason. Otherwise I can not explain in any way why many horrible projects have appeared recently.