CryptoLandmarks review


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CryptoLandmarks - another blockchain game, released in 2018.

It's easy to guess that CryptoLandmarks, like 90% of other games, does not bring anything new to the industry and does not do anything better. CryptoLandmarks is another collecting blockchain-game where participants have to buy assets, sell them and supposedly gain some profit from it.

Such assets in CryptoLandmarks are called Landmarks. These are objects well-known to each of us. For example, it is siad on the main page of CryptoLandmarks' website that you can own your own Statue of Liberty, Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower on the blockchain.

Each "Landmark" is a unique token that can be bought and resold. And if a player want to buy a "Landmark" - he must pay its owner the entire cost of the token plus some interest. However, it's unclear how much money it is necessary to add to buy a Landmark.

Special cards - Ambassadors - were added in the game not so long ago. They are divided into five groups: general, emperor, prophet, architect, professor. Any user who owns an Ambassador card receives 5% of all transactions that are associated with his cards. However, it is not possible to understand how transactions and cards are connected.

Apparently, CryptoLandmarks developers decided to stimulate new users financially, because they can't offer anything interesting. Anyone who owns at least one Landmark can click on a special button on the site and get 0.3% of the balance of the game's smart contract. However, even in this case there are difficulties and problems: the button is hidden so well that we didn't find it. So it's possible that CryptoLandmarks' developers simply decided to deceive users.

Let's sum up all of this a little. In the case of CryptoLandmarks there is nothing to talk about: it's no different from dozens other blockchain-based collecting "games". Developers decided not even to think about their game. It is impossible to achieve success in this way, and therefore it is not surprising that CryptoLandmarks has almost no players.
I visited CryptoLandmarks' Marketplace to see what is sold there. And this is what I saw:

Either everyone has already sold out (that's not even funny), or there was nothing to sell in the first place. In any case, everything is very bad with CryptoLandmarks. Do not play this game.


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As long as people bring money, projects like CryptoLandmarks will exist. Only players themselves can stop this flow of crappy games. For example, by switching to UnicornGo - a game with good graphics, excellent gameplay and cool unicorns on top.