CryptoArts review


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Blockchain industry operates with pieces of art now. This is facilitated by the emergence of the CryptoArts platform.

It's hard to call CryptoArts "a game". Rather, it is a virtual blockchain museum of art masterpieces. There are various paintings transferred to the blockchain in CryptoArts.

Different categories of users can use CryptoArts:

  • patrons - they buy famous paintings (for example, "Mona Lisa") on the blockchain for affordable prices;
  • admirers of art - can freely contemplate the best world paintings on their home computers;
  • artists - get the opportunity to hold exhibitions and talk about their gift to a large number of people.

By the way, patrons can become investors. This will happen if someone decides to buy their paintings for a higher price. This is due to the fact that every work of art on CryptoArts is a ERC-721 standard token. It can be sold and bought for a certain price. Thus, those who want to buy paintings that already have owners, just pay this price and get the painting.

However, it is still hard to say whether it is worth it investing in paintings on CryptoArts. It's far from a fact that the platform will become popular and will attract a lot of rich patrons. However, buying paintings always was not truly an investment activity, but a hobby. So even if you spend 1-2 ethers on a good picture (and that's the real prices in CryptoArts), and then you can not sell it - don't get upset.

As for artists and art admirers, CryptoArts provides them with tangible, real and important opportunities. The first will no longer have to travel to all museums around the world to see the best pictures - they are all collected on CryptoArts. And the latter have the opportunity to show themselves not only to a narrow circle of creative people, but also to the blockchain community, which is growing every year.

Although CryptoArts is not a game, it's better than many blockchain-projects that are called "games". However, CryptoArts, of course, can not offer exciting gameplay, while industry leaders can. And this is the main disadvantage of the platform.


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The target audience of CryptoArts is blockchain enthusiasts who are rich and are very much interested in art. Probably, there are such people, but there are very few of them. So I do not think that CryptoArts can succeed.
Perhaps, the only ones who will get at least some benefits from CryptoArts are artists. But who will look at their paintings? After all, CryptoArts will never become a popular platform. So, no one will see masterpieces of the beginning artist.


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Again it looks like a Ponzi scheme. Well, not surprising. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of blockchain games, there are only a few good ones - UnicornGo and a couple more. The rest have nothing to boast about.