CryptoPoliticans review


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"Democratic utopia on the blockchain" - so the developers called CryptoPoliticans. And in some way they are right: In the real world it is impossible to imagine a situation when people buy politicians for themselves.

However, everything is possible in the world of the blockchain. CryptoPoliticans allows you to buy the most famous politicians of the world, manage them and sell them.

CryptoPoliticans - not the first blockchain game with politicians: this idea has been implemented earlier several times. However, CryptoPoliticans brings certain innovations to the industry.

The thing is that the participants who buy politicians do not just own them (and try to make money on it), but they can also advance their agenda. To do this, it is enough to find an antagonist politician and enter into a dispute with him.

Details of the dispute are written in a smart-contract, which is created automatically by CryptoPoliticans specifically for such cases. After that everything happens in the same way as in the real world. Participants promoting their political agendas report them to other participants, and they evaluate their agendas and vote.

Interestingly, in CryptoPoliticans literally"money talks" - in order to vote for this or that policy, it is necessary to give real ether. After the dispute is over, the cryptocurrency is distributed among the winning team. The greatest benefit is given to the participant who created the policy and wins the voting: he acquires 3-6% of the total fund.

However, politicians can be traded. In this regard, CryptoPoliticans is not much different from other blockchain projects. And from real life as well. Once a politician is bought, its price automatically increases by a certain percentage. For exact numbers, look below:

  • for a politician that costs from 0.001 ETH to 0.05 ETH - 100%;
  • from 0.05 to 0.5 ETH - 50%;
  • from 0.5 to 2 ETH - 25%;
  • more than 2 ETH - 15%.

The price increase opens up good opportunities for those who are active and accustomed to convincing people of the correctness of their views. They can buy a cheap politician, come up with some kind of a legend and a political agenda for him and promote them. The politician will be successful, interesting for users and its price will seriously grow. As a result, its owner not only improves his skills of communication with the audience, but also earns cryptocurrency.

In general, it can be said that CryptoPoliticans is a project that has some interesting features, but loses to the industry leaders. It is not yet clear how the politicians will compete with each other and what does determine the outcome of the debate. It is also unclear whether it makes sense to invest in cryptopoliticians. After all, it's not a fact that the game will become popular and they will be in demand.


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Finally! Now ordinary people can buy politicians too. But it's unfair: large corporations and wealthy businessmen began to do it centuries ago, and we can do it only now ...


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So, you can make an agenda for a political leader yourself? And in CryptoPoliticans Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will hug each other and launch missile-shaped air baloons?