EtherQuest review


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The new digital blockchain-arena was presented to the public by the EtherQuest developers. They created a fighting with RPG elements for a variety of participants.

The central element of the EtherQuest ecosystem is the Warrior who fights for the user. Each Warrior is a unique ERC-721 token, there are about 9 million of them in the system. Each Warrior has unique attributes.

Warriors can fight monsters in dungeons, fight one-on-one with other Warriors, and take part in tournaments. In all cases, Warriors' skills improve and they become more valuable.

You can obtain new Warriors in two ways:

  • buy on MarketPlace or from other players;
  • to call a new Warrior - for this you need to send an already existing Warrior to call a new one (this will take 15 minutes, then the Warrior will need to rest for another 60 minutes, the cost of the ritual is 0.01 ETH).

Since the project has just started, it is difficult to say that it is more profitable to buy ready-made soldiers or to call new ones. But one can say for sure: for those who already have an army of experienced characters, it is better to call new ones. After all, the better the Warrior who is used for the ritual is, the better the rookie will be.

All Warriors on EtherQuest are divided into five categories:

  • Common;
  • Uncommon;
  • Rare;
  • Mythic;
  • Legendary.

Common Warriors do not have any bonuses and in battles can only fight characters of their category (in other cases they almost always lose). Uncommon, rare, mythical and legendary Warriors have unique characteristics and are able to dramatically improve the results of battles they are involved in.

Warriors' detailed stats can be found on the project's official website.

If the EtherQuest user has good warriors, he can take part in battles or tournaments.

Battles are one-on-one brawls between Warriors of different players. To start a battle, you have to bet: 0,01 ETH * the Warrior's level. After the victory, you can take up to 80% of the prize pool.

Tournaments are a good opportunity to win and earn for those who have at least 5 Warriors of a similar level. Before the tournament, they unite into one "super" Warrior and give him their characteristics. During the tournament, the participant's army fights armies of 10 other users. The winner claims 80% of the prize fund.

EtherQuest - perhaps a good blockchain RPG, but the industry leaders are much better. EtherQuest, probably, will be interesting to blockchain-geeks, adoring the strategy genre, but other users won't be interested in the game. The reason is mediocre graphics as well as not the most understandable rules of battles.


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I wanted to select a blockchain game, soI compared two - UnicornGo and EtherQuest. I liked the first more: the design is better, the gameplay is more thoughtful, and it's always clear what I'm getting money for, and why I lose. In these components, EtherQuest is inferior.
Why was it necessary to come up with a "summoning", when soldiers appear every 15 minutes in the MarketPlace? Maybe someone is using this, and I just got confused and could not figure out where to get the character.


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Maybe it is worth trying ... And how much are the warriors? Is it really possible to start playing at all if I only have 0.01 ETH?