Rabona review


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There have already been a lot of different blockchain games, but football managers have not yet appeared. However,it did not take long to fix this flaw. Meet Rabona, the first blockchain-based football manager simulator. Well, sort of...

The name of the game came from one of the most famous football feints - "rabona". It is often used by football players and looks very fancy. Perhaps, that's why the developers chose this name for their project.

If you want to play Rabona now, however… But, for some reason, there is an online flower shop on the “official website” - rabona.me. It was not possible to find other Rabona addresses on the Internet, as well as other news related to the project.

We decided to check Rabona profiles in social networks and messengers and did not find anything interesting either. However, we noticed that on Facebook and Twitter pages the last posts from Rabona were made two months ago, at the end of March. And on the Telegram channel, Rabona has only 9 followers (and it seems that they are developers, not players).

What's the matter? Apparently, Rabona's creators realized that their project is crap, and decided to close it quickly. If this is the case, then it is clear what happened with the website address: they didn't pay for that. And social networks pages and messengers are abandoned and will never come to life again.

However, such an outcome did not surprise us. From the very beginning, we could not find anything interesting in Rabona. Yes, it's football manager, yes, it has blockchain in it. But after all there are a lot of cool games where you can manage virtual football teams. The same can be said about blockchain games: there are 64 of them only on Reddit, but in reality there are, of course, many more.

Let's sum up all of this. Rabona is a game which, apparently, no one will ever play. It's not a big loss, though. In the end, all games that do not have anything interesting for the participant will die, and only the best will remain.
I do not think that it would be possible to create something even remotely resembling modern football managers using blockchain. At best, this would be a game outdated for a couple of decades. No one would play this game.


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Maybe in two or three years we will see a really good blockchain-based football teams. Until then - wait and play other games. I, for example, play UnicornGo and I am very pleased.