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There are more and more blockchian games every month. However, the imagination of their developers, unfortunately, does not expand so fast. And instead of new projects, we see clones of existing ones. is such a game.' creators did not bother nor with idea, nor the name of their game. They decided to steal the name from the CryptoCities project (which, in turn, is also a clone of another game, but with original name at least), but to register a domain in the Spanish Internet zone. And the name was born.

The idea of is no different from other similar projects. Users are encouraged to purchase "cities" for cryptocurrency. If someone wants to buy a land plot, then he will have to pay 20% more than the previous price was. For example, if for the first time the lot was sold for 0.1 ETH, then at the next transaction its price will be 0.12 ETH.

There are not only cities in ther game - in February, developers added countries and subcontinents. Anyone who owns a city located in a country can own this country . Initially, the countries were distributed as follows: One who owned most of the megacities in the state, became its owner. But now all countries are distributed, and it is possible to become the "country owner" only by purchasing it.

But this is quite expensive: one will have to pay not only the full cost of the country, but also 15% premium. However, if you buy a popular country , the cities where are sold often, you can get a good passive income (2% of all deals with cities are attributed to the country owner).

Those users for whom even countries are not enough can buy subcontinents. They were distributed on the same principle as countries: if a player owns the majority of countries on the continent, then he gets it. Now you can buy subcontinent if you add 15% to its purchase price. Of course, ownership of a subcontinent grants benefit: You can receive 2.5% of all transactions connected with countries and 1% of transactions with cities located on the continent.

There is nothing more in Developers could not come up with something original (although, perhaps, they did not even try). It is unlikely that will be appreciated by at least some significant part of the blockchain community. So, the project is doomed.
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The concept of blockchain games, which do not offer anything new, but only copy the predecessors, has exhausted itself. Projects like UnicornGo will come to the forefront: with an interesting system of battles, character development and beautiful design.
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Projects such as should be avoided. Developers are clearly planning to make money on the hype around cryptocurrencies and blockchain which has not yet settled down. However sooner or later it will disappear, and than it will be found out: is a "dummy" - there is absolutely nothing behind it.