AV Stars review


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Did you ever want to have your own pornstar? Now you can satisfy this desire. Just start playing AV Stars.

AV Stars - another blockchain-based collecting game, released in 2018. This time we are offered to collect porn stars.

It is interesting that only Asian women are available:

Why is it so? We don't know. Perhaps developers of the project come from Japan, China, Korea or another Asian country.

It's interesting that every porn star picture (in fact, these are, of course, ERC-721 tokens) is unique. There are no two identical girls in AV Stars. Perhaps this will attract new participants: After all, for someone it may be heartwarming to know that the porn star is yours and only yours.

One can always buy a girl on the MarketPlace. They are quite expensive - finding a porn star cheaper than 0.1-0.2 ETH is quite difficult. And most girls are even more expensive.

Another interesting point - even if you bought a porn star in personal possession, this does not guarantee that you will always own it. It is enough for someone else to offer a 150% price for her, and one will have to sell her. However, in this case it is hardly worrying: you get 50% more than you gave.

But if you buy a girl that is worth 2 ETH, you can keep her with some effort. To do this, you need to watch a movie, play on the beach or arrange a "hot night". All this not only "blocks" the porn star for other users (well, a girl can not just leave for another when she is working), but also increases her cost.

However, you have to pay for it. And you have to pay a lot:

And this is not the highest prices. There are more expensive girls.

Note that AV Stars developers released only a beta version of their game. So far, many features have not been realized here - for example, "achievements"(although what is hidden behind this term is not clear yet). However, the final version release is coming soon, and then it will be possible to fully evaluate the AV Stars project.