CryptoAlchemy review


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There are a lot of blockchain games already, we did not see chemical laboratory "simulator" before. But now there is one - CryptoAlchemy.

CryptoAlchemy is a platform where anyone can acquire any chemical element. On sale - the entire Mendeleev's table and even a little more:

173 elements total! In real world there are only 120 existing ones. However, this does not stop CryptoAlchemy: elements that do not exist yet can be bought and sold as freely as real ones.

If you managed to become the first owner of an element, then you are very lucky: you bought it for the minimum price, and now you can resell it for much more. The profit is calculated according to the following table:

It works as follows. If you sell an element, for example, for 0.01 ETH, then use the following formula: 0.01 ETH * (100% + 100%) * (100% -15%). So, we get: 0.01 ETH * 200% * 85% = 0.017 ETH. It turns out that if you have found someone who wants to buy your element, you will get 0.007 ETH as net profit. Not bad.

With the increase in the price of the element, the profit from it decreases. For example, there is an element is worth 1 ETH, then it will be resold for 1.2 ETH. The profit is 20% (compare with 70% in the first example).

If you failed to become the first buyer of any element, do not worry - they can always be purchased on MarketPlace. However, prices are already high enough:

Until the hype around the game did not fall, you can buy an element, resell it quickly and get money back, and even with some interest. It's rather profitable.

By the way, in CryptoAlchemy you can tinker with elements as well. If the player has any elements, he can connect them as one wishes and try to create something useful. Then you can sell the result to other players (if they, of course, want to buy it).

No matter how it is masked by the "chemical laboratory" and clever scientific words, CryptoAlchemy is the same as most other blockchain games. You have to buy cheap and fast and sell with interest. For the time being this can still be done, but very soon interest in the project will cool down. And those who did not manage to get rid of the elements will lose their cryptocurrency forever.
CryptoAlchemy developers donate 10% of the profits to the UNICEF. This, is good, but do thy plan to raise interest in CryptoAlchemy only in this way? It would be better if they thought out the game better and made it really interesting.


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CryptoAlchemy developers for some reason came up with elements that do not exist - they were not even synthesized by anybody. It is clear why no one wants to buy such substances.