Blocklord review


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Time goes by, and more and more blockchain games appear. Today's project, which we will talk about is Blocklord.

Blocklord's idea is probably painfully familiar to all who saw five or six blockchain games. Developers do not offer anything new: a virtual Earth, divided into sections, is created for the game. Land plots can be bought and sold.

It looks like this:

Blocks are displayed as images, because they are already bought, and their owners decide what picture to put in its place. All this is animated, and it is impossible to look at this mess - the developers should have thought about this better.

If you want to buy a certain land plot, but it already has an owner - you can always offer more. To do this, click on the block, read the information about it and click "Buy Block":

However, be prepared that you can also lose the block in the same way. However, in this case, you will gain profit: After each transaction, the price of the block is increased.

There is no gameplay in Blocklord. Blocks can not be upgraded: all you can do is to wait until someone decides to buy it.

Realizing that it is very difficult to attract users to such a game, the Blocklord developers have organized an AirDrop. It involves everyone who bought plots (blocks). And the size of the bonus depends on how long the participant owned the plot: The longer is the period, the higher the reward is. Bonus is paid in BBL tokens.

There's nothing to say about Blocklord yet. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of such games in the industry already. They do not progress blockchain gaming in anyway, but rather bog it down. And anyone who is interested in good games on blockchain, of course, must bypass Blocklord.