World of Ether review


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Another recently made blockchain game. World of Ether is another cryptouniverse, where various monsters fight each other.

Tthere is nothing fundamentally new in World of Ether: There are a lot of such blockchain strategies. Therefore, let's talk about the game's features .

As already mentioned, monsters are fighting in World of Ether. There are four types of them:

  • common - hatch from more than 50% of eggs;
  • uncommon - better adapted to fighting;
  • rare - it's not easy to get such monsters is not easy, but they easily win fights;
  • legendary - the strongest ones, but they are extremely rare, and they can not be obtained through reproduction.

In addition, monsters in World of Ether are further divided into five categories:

  • sunlight - personify flight, heat, light, fire;
  • oceanic - personify depth, water, mystery;
  • living - vegetation, fertility;
  • dead - despair, sunset;
  • astral - intelligence, paranormal abilities.

But, how this will affect the monster is not clear - World of Ether developers did not implement that.

By the way, it should be said that in fact there are no monsters on World of Ether at all. There are only eggs from which monsters will hatch immediately, as soon as the project will be released. However, you can buy eggs right now:

And developers have not yet announced the release date. Only vague phrases like "we work day and night to launch the game as quickly as possible" can be found in the FAQ. Well, let's see how many "days and nights" they will need.

If developers will finish their project, then there will be an interface for battles. For example, a screensaver at the beginning of a battle will look like this:

But how will the fights be carried out is unknown. World of Ether team suggest to wait.

You can wait, of course. But the question is - how many players will wait for an official launch? I don't think that there will be a lot of them: it's much easier to try something different than waste your time. Moreover, games similar to World of Ether (and in some ways even иуееук) are already out there.
It's good that the game was translated into multiple languages. But they used Google Translate to do that, so there is a lot to laugh about. It was possible to do that better.


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Why should I play World of Ether? Where is the unique idea or feature that will hook me up? In World of Ether there is no such thing.