Darkwinds review


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As time goes on, blockchain technology is improving, but collector games will never disappear. Moreover, there are more and more new projects. Darkwinds is one of them.

The point of Darkwinds is to collect cards and participate in battles with them. Each card has unique features that will help the user to defeat the opposition.

The game is stylized in a "pirate" style. So, for example, the screen looks like this when a player goes into battle mode:

As you can see, each user has three cards, which are used to beat the opponent. You need to play your cards according to certain rules. They are not established yet, however - the team has not completed their project. By the way, you can follow the progress of Darkwinds in a special thread on GitHub.

A total of 1 million cards will be available in Darkwinds. You can buy them already. To do this, go to the "Get Cards" section:

Cards are quite inexpensive - 10 pieces will cost 0.002 ETH. Pricing, by the way, is incomprehensible - if you buy more cards at a time (for example, 40), then the price of one card will remain the same anyway. It turns out that buying a large number of cards (they are ERC-721 tokens) is stupid - you may lose interest, but the money is already spent.

Which cards you will get after the purchase, is determined by random. But you can see the list of all available cards in the special section:

However, all you will get from it is the look of the card. If you click on the card for more details, you see this:

So, it is impossible to understand what stats the card has and whether it will be any good.

A brief summary for Darkwinds: the project is crude and, developers released it too early. So far, you can only buy cards. When (and if) the opportunity to fight other users will be added, Darkwinds will certainly become more attractive. But for now, there is nothing to talk about.


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Strange tactics - to offer players to buy cards (for cryptocurrency), and to promise to launch the game itself "eventually". And where is the guarantee that the project will be completed, and the creators will not fade away with all the money?


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If there was at least something special here, then maybe I would buy myself a couple of dozen cards and try it. But so far there's nothing interesting in Darkwinds.


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It is possible to earn in Darkwings? Or is it another game that only asks players for money without offering anything in return?