BChain review


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Blockchain remains excellent technology. With its help you can realize many various
projects. We all already know about cryptocurrencies, games and other developments.
BChain creators discovered one more area of usage of the blockchain.They invented and implemented an advertising startup based on Ethereum network.
BChain idea is as simple as it can be: this is the site where other
project is advertised. The creators of BChain deliberately promote only one project at a time:

As you can see, now Ether Degree is the lucky one. There are no references to any other advertised developments.

BChain main feature - advertised projects changing every time when someone beats a bet. If BChain developers are offered more than they receive from their current advertiser, they will simply change the promoted project.

The idea is simple and partly borrowed from low-end blockсhain-games, but it can bring significant benefits to BChain developers in the future. After all, the main feature of this platform is that only one project is advertised. Anyone who wants to promote his project does not want to see his competitors on the same advertising platforms. And BChain provides such a unique opportunity.

"Why do you need a blockchain for this?" - you ask. The answer is quite simple: advertisers come quite often, and it’s hard to change the promoted projects manually. This problem is best solved via smart contract that automatically replaces the old project by the new one. And, smart-contracts, of course, can not function without blockchain.

BChain focuses mainly on advertising blockchain-projects. Naturally, the developers of such start-ups do not want to go beyond the limits of the blockchain environment. And they, most likely, would prefer to use to promote BChain, and not some other site.

So far, everything looks very good, but what is in reality?

This question will be answered exhaustively only by one figure:

As you see, the last bid is only 0.0015 ETH! It is very small - less than 1 dollar. It’s ridiculously low for advertising. So, using BChain for promotion is not the best idea.


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Even if they received only 0,0015 ETH (which, of course, is pretty close to reality), they definitely spent less on the site development. After all, such a one-pager can be created even by a schoolboy for half an hour and a bottle of soda water.