Angel Battles review


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Angels are associated with all the good things: serenity, peace, justice. Angel Battles developers decided to turn everything upside down: they created a game where angels fight each other.

So, Angel Battles is a collector blockchain game where participants buy and sell angels, develop their armies and fight other users.

This concept is similar to many other projects. Therefore, we can immediately pass to the project's features.

As we have already mentioned in Angel Battles angels fight each other. However, they are not the only part of the user's army - there are also animals (Pets). You can buy angels and animals on MarketPlace:

Please note that pets are free - they cost 0.00000 ETH. However, only newcomers in Angel Battles can use this feature, and everyone else will have to pay.

In addition to animals and angels, Angel Battles also offers accessories. They improve the army's combat capabilities:

The extent to which the army is combat-ready is determined by the stats of its angels and animals. Both of them have two basic parameters.

For angels:

  • Battle Power, - constant stat;
  • Experience - can be earned.
For pets:

  • Luck - constant;
  • Aura Power - can be trained.

As for the accessories, they do not have any stats of their own, but they improve the angels' stats. For example, they can raise Battle Power by 15-20 points, which will be the decisive argument in the fight.

After the player has managed to collect a good army, he can start taking part in battles. They are held in three arenas:

  • Wimpy Cirrus Meadows;
  • Menamed Nimbus Forest;
  • Thuuuuuuuunderdome.

The first arena is the easiest one, the last is the most difficult. But if you win all the battles in Thuuuuuuuunderunderdome, you can seriously improve Angel's experience and Pets' Aura Power. However, at the moment this arena is inaccessible, and you have to choose between Wimpy Cirrus Meadows and Menamed Nimbus Forest.

And those users who have seriously invested in the game and got a very powerful army, can try to climb Mount Zion. To do this, you need to defeat a lot of users' armies from around the world. But if the participant succeeds in doing this, he will take his well-earned place in the project's LeaderBoard.

What about the project? Angel Battles does not have an original idea, which could take the project "to the moon" - there are dozens, if not hundreds of such projects. We also did not notice any features that distinguish the game among its competitors.

Perhaps some players will like Angel Battles. But the project will never receive wide popularity - it;s too much worse than the leaders of the industry.


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Maybe I would have played in Angel Battles, if I did not know that there are better projects. Such as UnicornGo. I advise UnicornGo for everyone who plays Angel Battles - you will understand that this is a completely different level.
Almost all animals can not reproduce, but they die quickly! It seems that the developers of Angel Battles did it on purpose, because this way players will constantly lose their animals and buy new ones. And bring profit!.
Blockchain games have already taught players that they can not only play, but also earn something if they are lucky. In Angel Battles, as I understand, there is no such possibility. And this is a very serious disadvantage.