Attention please! All 10K candies in the IZX augmented reality have been collected.


Staff member
A month ago we announced an airdrop campaign in partnership with IZX. We are proud to inform you that all 10,000 candies have been picked up! In case you were one of those who haunted promo candies, searched for candies around the globe and made your wallets thicker, then we are ready to exchange your candies for CandyCoins in the ratio of 1:1. One user can get no more than 25 CandyCoins though.

Please note: in order to receive your prize, you need to complete the form at If you haven't done so, be aware that only 1 day is left to get your prize. Don’t miss out this great opportunity!

If you have any questions, ask our event-manager Katya @katerina_rizhik.