FAQ - lands and Gardener


Lord of the cubs
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1. What is Land?
Land is used for growing up MegaCandies which in turn are used to defrosting unicorns after breeding. To plant a tree, press Plant. A clockwork counter will start; after it has counted down, you will be able to get your MegaCandies by pressing Harvest.

2. Can I send Land as a token to another ETH wallet?
Yes, just like as any other token.You can set up the following smart-contract address to see Land in your MEW wallet:
Please remember: You can’t send Land to a user who doesn’t have a title.
For instance, you will not be able to send 12 plots of land to a user with a title allowing to possess no more than 10 plots.
Also, you can't transfer Land which is currently processed by the Gardener.

3. What do I need the Gardener for?
To receive MegaCandies, you need to plant them hourly, and reap afterwards.This way you’ll have to spend your time on this operation. Also, the Ethereum network will charge its fees each time you receive MegaCandies. The Gardener will solve this problem for you: it is bought for a long period of time and will reap harvest for you. At any given moment of time you can reap MegaCandies he has grown. Or you can reap the entire harvest at once then top Counter finished.

4. Why do I see two counters on my page after I buy the Gardener?
The upper counter shows how much more time the Gardener has to work before you can crop all at once. The other one (below the button ”Time left”) shows how much more time it will take for the Gardener to give you his first harvest.