Ether Shrimp Farm review


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Blockchain games in "Happy Farm" style have not become popular. There are not so many of them yet - it is possible that most of the players simply do not know about them.

The Ether Shrimp Farm project is designed to exploit this situation. This is a game where you can breed blockchain-shrimps out of eggs and then sell them on the market.

The idea seems to be good - there are not so many competitors in this area. But its implementation by the Ether Shrimp Farm development team is sloppy.

First, the visual design. No comments:

The game does not even fit on the screen! You have to move the slider at the bottom to see all the information. Well, it's probably not even worth talking about the background and how messy the windows are scattered on the page.

Okay, let's move on to the content. As you already understood, here you have to buy eggs, raise them to the state of shrimp, and then try to sell them. The first part seems all right - you can get a few free eggs and hope that something will hatch out of one of them eventually.

But the rest is more complicated. First, it is not entirely clear whether shrimps hatch from all eggs, or some of them die. Second, there is a natural question: but who should I sell shrimps to?

Developers, of course, have the answer to this question - a marketplace will be created where it will be possible to trade eggs and shrimps and get profit from it. But here there are several more questions at once.

First, where is this MarketPlace? Perhaps it is somewhere on the site, but with such a "wonderful" design, it was not possible to find. Second, why are developers so confident that their game will be so popular that hundreds and thousands of players will be ready to buy shrimps?

And the most important question: even if Ether Shrimp Farm will gain popularity, why would anyone buy shrimp? After all, you can buy eggs and wait for them to hatch. This is cheaper and more interesting.

There are no answers to these questions, so we doubt that Ether Shrimp Farm will be able to succeed. Now this project looks like it has been 2-3 days since the idea was born. The quality of development is awful, and how they plan to attract anyone is completely incomprehensible.


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By the way, there is a referral system - if you call new players, you can get up to 20% of these eggs. Only here it seems to me that if you try to tell someone about Ether Shrimp Farm, you risk losing your friend. After all, who will play this in their mind?
The idea is the only advantage of the project. But even this is for a short while: more intelligent developers will look and come up with a game with a much cooler design and gameplay. And then no one will play Ether Shrimp Farm for sure.


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Ether Shrimp Farm is an obvious attempt to get some money in a quick way. Obviously, the developers think: their project will be popular only because of the "blockchain magic". Therefore, they did not do something decent, and in 2 days they built the site and immediately launched the project.