Ether Online: Jackpot Edition


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The strategy genre is popular among blockchain game developers. The Ether Online project is a vivid example of decentralized data networks and a strategic game merged together.

The point of the game is very simple - you need to challenge opponents to fight, defeat them and climb higher and higher in the ranking. Since other blockchain strategies are built on the same principle, it is not very interesting to focus on it. Instead, it's better to concentrate on the specific features of this particular game.

The comabt screen looks like this:

It is worth noting that Ether Online has nice graphics (better than most competitors). Well, some players may not like "cartoonish" characters.

To win reliably, you need to constantly participate in battles and increase BP - Battle Power. The higher BP is, the more power the character has and the longer he can fight. For example, in the screenshot above, BP of player TWEKKK is 2666.

Caskets help to increase the chances of victory. They contain unique items that improve the characteristics of "attack" and "defence" of the character. In Ether Online there are 5 categories of items in the caskets:

  • common (69%);
  • uncommon (18%);
  • rare (8%);
  • epic (3%);
  • legendary (1%).

One casket costs 0.01 ETH.

If you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary items, they can be melted down:

  • 2 common items - 1 uncommon item;
  • 2 uncommon items - 1 rare item;
  • 3 rare items - 1 epic item;
  • 3 epic items - 1 legendary items.

Also you can conjure to improve legendary equipment stats. This allows you to improve items in 3.5 times, which gives a very big advantage in combat.

Items that have accumulated and do not represent value can be sold in the Marketplace. Here you can also purchase equipment that other players do not need, but still of interest:

Recently, the developers of Ether Online have launched the Jackpot Edition. Now all participants who have BP (Battle Power) above a certain value, can participate in the lottery.

The section looks like this:

Every day 10 winners are randomly identified. The prize fund for the current day is distributed equally among them. For example, if today Ether Online creators are ready to allocate 3 ETH for the lottery, then each winner will get 0.33 ETH.

The final release of Ether Online is expected on June 30, 2018. It is expected that in the final version, developers will implement several "features", which are not available now. In the meantime, in Ether Online you can only buy items, fight and count on winning the lottery. This, of course, is not the most interesting pastime.
Every day there are bonuses for those who are on the 1st and 2nd places in the rating for Battle Power. This, of course, is good. But it is absolutely unfair: the leaders have been determined long ago, and they will not be displaced anytime soon. Maybe it's worth redoing the bonus system?