News from UnicornGo – June 25, 2018


Staff member
Hi all!
It has been quite a long time since we published our last review, and we’ve got some really important news.
• First of all, soon we’ll launch our mobile app! We’ve almost done with all preparation tasks and are now completing the things to launch our app in about 2 weeks. This will attract even more users to our project. There will be more players, more fun!
• Second, we are going to launch our new UX in about 3 weeks. New animation, brand new images, everything new! The game will be more interesting and much more colorful.
• Last but not least, in about one month we’ll switch the game to the EtherZero platform which we have informed you about earlier. This transition will allow playing the game with zero commissions and performing fast and quick transactions. On top of that, EthereZero means millions of Chinese users which will definitely become an additional source of support for the game.

Follow our news. We are taking it to the next level!